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LC Matchmaking (Unofficial)

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Yep, it's what you think it is.




Welcome to the unofficial LC Matchmaking ! This project aims to fill the void in LC competition by hosting a full and complete matchmaking system, where players can satisfy their need to destroy baby mons more than once per week. 

Using a Discord server as core of the matchmaking system, with the hope to create an active competitive community around LC tier, this system reproduces roughly in-game matchmaking, with some additional stuff and twists. Leaderboard, tournaments, lot of rewards that are actually useful... 

All players interested by this project can join the Discord server right here where everything will happen. It is also there that the community will discuss about what to improve before the launch of the first season, that I hope we can start this December. 






What the community can do to help this project : 


  • First of all, join the Discord server. EZ


  • We will need people familiar with Discord and coding bots, math heads... I unfortunaly have none of these skills, but the theory has been thought of. 


  • We will need donations to get this shit started. These matchmaking rewards will work with shared bank accounts (each admin will have one) that we need to fill up ! I also want to pay whoever wants to help with creating the bots. Let's try to reach the 22M donation goal ! 2M will be given to developers. Donations are welcome to "BankLC" account


  • Players who are interested in being Admin of LC matchmaking (help with a lot of things to run it efficiently) can pm me on Discord



  • Every player have his word to say. I created a suggestion box where we can discuss to the best solutions possible to make (almost) everyone happy. 




Everything you want to know about how this will work can be found in the Discord server. I will however present the main things here. 







  • - You have to sign up for the season to be able to queue and play
  • - Sign up requires 100 hours of gameplay and 200k sign up fee
  • - Each season last 1 month





  • - You can enter queue in #queue-ranked and #queue-unranked using bot commands
  • - You are pinged when you find an opponent, and have to confirm battle
  • - You can cancel the battle but you will have to wait 1 hour before queuing again in ranked






  • - Every battles will happen in Vermillion City Pokecenter channel 4
  • - You have 10 minutes to start the battle, if not, player not ready get a lose
  • - You cannot forfeit before 10 minutes in battle
  • - Arena Trap and Mienfoo are banned, along with usual banned pokemons and moves





  • - Screenshot the win/lose message in game with timestamps (activate it in settings) and send it in #results-ranked
  • - In unranked battles, you just need to say who you fought in #unranked-history





  • - You start off as a Casual Member with some restrictions on rewards
  • - You become Trusted Member once you have done 10 battles and restrictions are removed
  • - Keep calm and sip Berry Juice. Any repetitive toxic behaviour will be punished in some way.








  • Once you have taken a path, you have to complete it before choosing another path.
  • Requirements need to be met to unlock reward.
  • You have 8 LC points
  • You use 1 LC point per reward claimed.
  • Once you have completed a path, you can have access to the other one. You can choose whatever path first. The amount of battles required to get reward is significantly increased, and is shown like this (x).






  • 4 battles played - Berry juice x10 (20k) - no LC point used


Path A


  • 8 (80) battles played (4 different players) - Flying Gem x10 (30k)
  • 15 (90) battles played (6 different players) - CTs (40k max)
  • 25 (110) battles played (8 differents players) - Life orb (50k)
  • 50 (130) battles played (12 different players) - Choice scarf (120k)
  • 70 (150) battles played (15 different players) - You can pay 300k- from a list A of LC mons with egg moves, nature, maximum stats (200k+ profit) / Pay less with stats drop


Path B


  • 8 (80) battles played (4 different players) - Mysterious gem x5 (30k)
  • 15 (90) battles played (7 different players) - Heartscale x5 (50k)
  • 25 (110) battles played (10 different players) - 2x shards of each (60k)
  • 50 (130) battles played (12 different players) - Eviolite (120k)
  • 70 (150) battles played (15 different players) - You can pay 300k- from a list B of LC mons with egg moves, nature, maximum stats (200k+ profit) / Pay less with stats drop





will do that later





Rank 1 - Golden Lock : Stop any reward path from reset until it turns out of rewards available

Rank 2 - Silver Luck : 2 extra LC points can be consumed one time

Rank 3 - Bronze Lock : Stop Unranked Reward Path reset for 2 months until there are no rewards available



These rewards are subject to change. Idk how it will work out









  • - Requirements are 100k sign up fee and being ranked on ladder
  • - Same clauses




  • - This tournament is played by teams of 2 players
  • - Each team is composed by one Class A player (highest half on leaderboard) and one Class B player (lowest half on leaderboard)
  • - Team mates are chosen randomly. May be some balancing happening with reroll.




  • - Tournament will be held wherever channel 1
  • - Teams fight other teams ; A vs A, B vs B
  • - Depending on tournament size, teams will fight a certain amount of other teams




  • - Each win gives 1 point to the team.
  • - Win streak of same player gives consecutively 1 and 2 extra points as they keep winning (3 win streak maximum)
  • - If both players win the round, they get 1 extra point
  • - Team with most points win. If draw, final between two teams




  • - Sign up prize pool shared
  • - Hall of fame




I hope to see many of you there !! Let's work together to make it happen !


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Great idea! On addition, when Temtem started they havent matchmaking system ingame, so they using a bot on discord to manage rankeds. That bot did the matchmaking, add or remove points and do a rank list. If u are accord I go search that bot and can send it you for your server, this really can be good for our community!

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Everything is ready for LC matchmaking !!

Season 0 has started, it will be a beta season to see if everything is working well. Sign up are free for this season. Every players participating will get the following reward at the end of it : I will breed a LC mon for them for 250k. 


Donations are always welcome to "BankLC" account, who holds 5M at the moment. It will probably enough for one season, but it's always nice to keep supporting the project !


See you all there !!!






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