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Role playing as a Magikarp Uncle

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I often role play as a Magikarp Uncle.

When I find a new player, I greet to him:

“Hey, buddy. How about buy a Magikarp? Just for 500”

And then I give him a lv20 Gyarados.

Sometimes they buy one and add friend with me.

Sometimes they just block me.

Sometimes they don't have 500, but it doesn't matter. I will still give.

Sometimes they cannot understand both English and Chinese. I try to use Google translate to communicate.

It's really a fun game.

XD, do you want a Magikarp?













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8小时前,DreamBlackLight 说:

Wow, even free is OK. I like to watch you using the Gyarados to beat down Gym Leaders.

for free? Then instead of fish,can you give me cash. I have passed all gyms,JAJAJA

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