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Team Tournament October 2020 ( Saturday 31st)

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Team Name: DangoTerasu
Team Tag: DgTs
Registered Players: xUltrajesusx, Vartiou, llOphis, Susker, MARIOFU, XxVasquezxX, Lucaroy, equipopuchamon, Rigoox, HordeOc, Magmar, EveGalaxy, Maki, ChrisKhalifa, GuadaX.
Team Captain: GuadaX

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On 10/27/2020 at 7:02 PM, Bearminator said:

Team name: Stratégie Team TAG: TWST Registered Players: FranciscoHXMX, FabianoBR, BodaoBolado, YsgramorOAnao, StormSAO, LordWolfBR, BatSlayerRx, Lucasdkx, Fuinnha, Dudyanha, Alexanderll, OldestJoa. Team Captain: OldestJoa




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Team Name: Sons of the Death

Team Tag: HDLM

Registered Players: RealDevilLegend, Akarukokuyo, Neblinamist, Yaritan, NagaHex, Makx, Zennen, InuYashaL, AurumPegasus, xJoseee, JorgeFirebolt, Smbee, DarkNightZz, zMago Team

Captain: RealDevilLegend

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Team Name: Vermilion Golden Champions.
Team Tag: VGC.
Registered Players: NoWall, Cristi, YEYOxD, StrikerFreecss, Urquidi, JamesFaul, ninamik, AlfonsoC, MendeeZ, Huargensy, Kaarnaa, XondeX, Thralls, Axellgor, Juanchoqui, MegaBladers, DrJuanito, JavierChispas, xWhinkz, Maikilovsky.
Team Captain: Cristi.


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Nombre del
equipo: Etiqueta del equipo de Saiyan : [SYNS]

Jugadores registrados:
marioarcanine, AARROONN,
AlexUre, ChrisRedPK, Facursa,
JhonLhuamanRTwo, KiritoWortYT, ManuelLH, MuzanSama, nexopro, IIpizzaboyII, Thenavarro, paban

Capitán del equipo: paban


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