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Team recruitment channel in game



So, right now team recruitment in game is usually done by shouting out on global among a sea of random conversation.


My suggestion is to add another filter called Team Recruitment (or whatever suits your fancy) and allow teams to advertise over there.


Now I have a mini suggestion that would make team recruitment a lot easier in game.


Right now in a team we have an option called Team message which is for your team. Allow us to have another option called Team description which can be shared (linked) in the aforementioned Team Recruitment chat so that potential viewers can click on the link and the team description will show up and they can see what the team has to offer. Sort of like when you link a mon in chat so that others can see it. You link the team description in chat so that people can see what your team is all about. This could help teams recruit reliably and gain more engagement. Maybe add a 30 minute cooldown for each team recruitment post to maintain integrity like we do in the pokemmo discord.


Bonus suggestion: Allow only officers and above of teams to post in that chat. This way you can regulate the chat a lot easier and they will be far fewer trolls. (I mean sure someone can just make a team just to troll .. but .. yeah.. Sometimes there's no out.)


Feel free to leave suggestions on how to improve this further :) Support <3

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