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PSL XIII - Week Five

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Hello all and welcome to Week 5, the week before midseason mistakes (HYPE!)

#MidseasonHype  -  #NoSalaryForFrags  - #NoRematch  -  #NoSalaryForUmbralo.  -  #HydraStillOU   -  #Batties   -  #BadPunsForever  -  #CursedMkns   -  #BlazikenedVillains  -  #NoWaterlooYet  -  #SalaryChanges  -  #LateWeekThread  -  #Lazychima  -  #MienfooStillLC  -  #1hitpointShedinjas  -  #Scarfed Rotoms




If you have any further questions ask your manager or check: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jrFThqqVDoe_QRs3vzPJxfFzNg4n7EwlV1fVEk0Kkis/edit.

Regular Season Round Robin: https://challonge.com/pt/psl13

League Statistics: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oRYdu7wUT5G1aK7yblDmHbSuq5MBxdycs5BSG-TC2oI/edit#gid=0 






About scheduling matches:

·        Players have 4 days to schedule their battles. If one of the parties fail to respond in that timeframe, proof must be given to the hosts  until the end of Saturday. The team of the player who failed to schedule either tries to get the match done, or they are enforced a sub who is able to play at the requested times.

o   If no sub is able to play at those times, the other team gets an activity win.

o   If a sub is able to play at those times, they both must attend the match.

o   Extensions can be given only once.





·        If both players attempted to schedule their match but are unable to do so by whatever reason (timezones, etc etc). Whoever has the lowest salary is forced to sub. Otherwise both teams are forced to sub.

·        Players need to provide at least 3 different times.





·        If no player attempted to schedule a match until the end of Saturday AND if they don't show up to play at the end of the week (Wednesday). Both teams are forced to sub, and an extension is given to the new players. After this sub, any rule stated previously still applies.






The Trashtalking Taillows (4)vs (4) Nincadas with Attitude

OU1: Endiii vs Chuckunso

OU2: Pablobacas vs OverToasted

UU: xMikasaAckerman vs Umbramol

NU: iMat vs Zymogen

Dubs: iJulianFNT vs DocPBC

LC: Azphiel vs Elcoolio

M-Dubs: JamesFaul vs GasaiYunosan

M-Dubs: iKillua vs Aerun



The Ruthless Rotoms (6) vs (2) Vermilion Villains

OU1: AwaXGoku vs Kiwikidd

OU2: Darker vs Zhiko

UU: Stelian vs Busso

NU: Kanicula vs Aurum

Dubs: AkaruKokuyo vs Rendi

LC: Xondex vs Baneadito

M-NU: Mkns vs Mendez

M-Dubs: InuyashaL vs Lkrenz



Devil Bats (5) vs (3) Sailor Lunatones

OU1: CristhianArce vs DoubleJ

OU2: ZacMorales vs Senjutsuka

UU: Urquidi vs Pirlo

NU: JasonSparrowX vs SweeTforU

Dubs: DarkQuiler vs aldahirramirez

LC: KiiritoX vs Inxss

M-UU: tMoi vs Ninamik

M-NU: Frags vs kaarnaa


Just Blaziken It (5)vs (3) Empoleon Bonapartists

OU1: Lunarck vs Getovaherez

OU2: Haazuu vs MadaraSixSix

UU: Mlhawk vs YeyoXD

NU: Kriliin vs Cristi

Dubs: Zigh vs Superman

LC: TheDH vs WarwitoX
M-NU: Tawla vs Mamawally
M-OU: Zokuru vs Schuchty


NOTE: Arena Trap is banned from LC.

Matches can be played from Wednesday October 21st 00:01 GMT+1 until Tuesday October 27th 23h59 GMT +1 

Note 2: Contract renewals can be done until the end of this week.

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All the matches of Week 4 are now in. These are the current rankings:




Our #1 and #2 are left unshaken, as the Empoleons are widening the gap between them and the #3 spot and keeping close to the Rotoms. Blazikens are closing in on the Empoleons so this can be a very important week for them, a 5-3 win for the Blazikens will get them to the #2 spot. The Villains have to bring their A game from now on if they want a guaranteed playoffs spot. For everyone below the Villains it'll be incredibly hard, if not impossible to get into the top 2. But they have to stay focused as one loss could mean they are out of contention for the playoffs. The Nincadas and Devils have an amazing opportunity here to weaken the #5 and #6 spots to get them into the playoffs. So things are far from over, but this is probably the most important week to win for Nincadas and Devils.

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