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Occasional 4x31+ Shop

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~~~~Few Maxed IV Shop~~~~


Sometimes I do stuff without actually wanting those stuffs, those times I will come and share what I made to see who is interested in buying them (I have a price in mind, close to what I spent on them, Pokeballs, Braces, Daycare price, I don't usually mind much about time), you can offer here on the Thread or send me a message in the profile or a private one, if you want an specifiq Ability, then let me know, I will change it for you.


Some Pokemon are easier to find and catch, others are just a pain to look for...

Meowth Lv1

EV: 0


Nature: Lax


HP: 31
Attack: 31
Defense: 31
Sp. Att: 17
Sp. Def: 31
Speed: 16

157/186 (29 points missing)



  1. Nasty Plot
  2. Swagger
  3. Captivate
  4. Pay Day


I also have plenty of 1x31 (You could pay me to make it, you know, to not waste money, it probably needs 31 in Speed too), I tried selling it in the chat, but no luck, I was thinking on the GTL, but first I would check it here.

  • HP x1 (M)
  • Attack x2 (M, M)
  • Defense x5 (F, F, M, M, M)
  • SP. Att x1 (F)
  • SP. Def x2 (F, M), the Male is a Persian
  • Speed x3 (M, F, F)

I also have a Male Meowth with 31 in HP and 31 in Speed.



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