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Hit and Run 2 (tourney)


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Hit and Run 2



Date and Time: Saturday, October 17th (7pm UTC)
Location: Celadon Hotel (Ch3)

After using a move you HAVE to switch your pokemon (switching instead of using a move is allowed).
exceptions: a mon that is flinched, paralyzed, frozen, asleep or hits itself due to confusion is allowed to stay in.


Banned moves:

Recovery moves: Recover, Softboiled, Heal order, Milk drink, Moonlight, Morning sun, Slack off, Roost, Rest, Wish and Synthesis.*

Recharge moves: Giga impact, Hyper beam, Frenzy plant, Hydro canon, Blast burn, Rock wrecker and Roar of time.*

Charge moves: Bounce, Fly, Dig, Dive, Solar beam, Sky attack, Sky drop, Skull bash, Razor wind, Focus punch and Shadow force.*
Traping moves: Block, Mean look,  Bind, Clamp, Fire spin, Sand tomb,  WhIrlpool and Magma storm,*
Other moves: Teleport, U-Turn, Volt switch, Pursuit, Stealth rocks, Protect, Detect, Toxic spikes and Spikes.*

* You are allowed to have the moves on your pokemon just not allowed to use them in battle.

Banned pokemon: Digglet line, Magnemite line, nosepass line, Mienfoo line, Wynaut line,  Slaking, Slakoth, Trapinch, Garchomp and Darmanitan. 

Banned items: Choice specs and Choice band.


1st Place:

Naive 6x31 Shelgon (252 Speed EVs) + 1m






2nd Place: 500k


3rd Place: 100k

4th Place: TM Torment


Host: Mxdhin
Participating Staff: 


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