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Changelog: 29/01/2013

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Posted 29 January 2013 - 06:43 AM


  • The Celadon Game Corner is now open for business.
    • Players may not purchase more than 1000 coins from the casino NPCs.
    • Slots payouts have been doubled.
  • Various GUI updates.
    • Chat channels may now be organized by language. Users may change which languages they can see in the Options menu.
    • A player's Block List will now show up in the Friends List window (renamed 'Social').
    • Inventory contents will now be sorted in alphabetical order.
    • Chat frame positions will now be saved on client exit.
    • Gender icons are now displayed in the battle frame.
  • Held Items: Lightball added to wild Pikachu's to have at a 5% rate.
  • Abilities: Soundproof
  • SKETCH (TODO: PvP temporary effects)
  • YAWN
Bug Fixes
  • Client size optimizations.
  • Compatibility with Java 7 on OSX has been restored with user intervention. OSX users affected by issues with the client starting are advised to check this Support thread: https://forums.pokem...ttn-os-x-users/
  • Reduced the delay on enemy spawn animations.
  • Fixed Run/Bike restrictions in various maps.
  • Removed heal restriction from the Curse status ailment.
  • Fixed the order of pre-turn battle effects. Pre-turn effects are now triggered in the following order: Weather -> Held Items -> Status Ailments.
  • Fixed several issues with the Critical Hit damage formula. Stat buffs and debuffs should now apply correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where attack stage reductions would not affect damage output.
  • Fixed a bug where the Infatuation status ailment's effects would trigger 100% of the time instead of the intended 50%.
  • Fixed a bug where Abilities would be triggered during Safari Zone encounters.
  • Fixed a bug where certain followers would have the incorrect sprite.
  • Fixed a bug where follower sprites would not be updated upon evolution.
  • Fixed a bug where Gloves would not be rendered on overworld sprites.
  • Fixed a bug where Leggings & Boots would not be layered correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where moving into a blocked tile would cause the player's movement animation to not be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where LEECH SEED could leech a dead target.
  • Fixed a bug where REST would not fail if the caster was at full HP.
  • Fixed a bug where FLAME WHEEL would thaw the target instead of the caster if they were frozen.
  • Fixed a bug where SURF would not hit targets in the DIVE semi-invulnerable state.
  • Fixed a bug where PROTECT would not negate secondary status ailments if it was triggered successfully.
  • Fixed a bug where THRASH would not last its correct duration of 2-3 moves.
  • Fixed a bug where SELFDESTRUCT-type skills would damage through semi-invulnerable states.
  • Fixed a bug where SELFDESTRUCT-type skills would not damage the caster if they missed.
  • Fixed a bug where LIGHT SCREEN-type skills would not affect the caster's entire team.
  • Fixed a bug where PURSUIT would only work correctly for one team.
  • Fixed a bug where ROAR would fail if the caster's party only had one member alive.
  • Fixed a bug where STRUGGLE would abide by type effectiveness checks against opponents.
  • Fixed a bug where skills which would thaw the user would not bypass Freeze RNG checks.
  • Fixed a bug where Spectator Mode would not be rendered if the user started spectating while one of the battlers was fainted.
  • Fixed a bug where current HP could overflow the max HP if a user reduced their HP EVs using Berries.
  • Fixed a bug with the dialogue of Prof. Oak's Aide who hands out the Everstone.
  • Fixed a bug where players could trigger certain events (Wild Encounters, Repel steps, etc.) during involuntary movements.
  • Fixed a bug where multi-hit move effectiveness messages would be broadcast too often in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug where the EXP Bar animation would not be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where encounter rates in water areas were not correct.
  • Fixed a bug where players could become stuck in an invulnerable state using certain moves under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where, if a battler had two faints occur in a single turn, a client deadlock would occur.
  • Fixed a bug where, if a battler had two faints occur in a single turn, a turn skip would not be correctly broadcast to the opponent's client.
  • Fixed a bug where users could spend more money than intended at the Magikarp Salesman.
  • Fixed a bug where DS backsprites would be rendered too high.
  • Fixed a bug where DS frontsprites would not be centered correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where a single frame of the fullsized sprite would appear during the spawn animation of front/back sprites.