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ThinkNice EVing Service - Fund Future Tournaments


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Hello, here is the deal. I EV your Pokémon you give me money. I use money for tournaments. Discord: bunjaii#7500, IGN: ThinkNicer


EVing: 30k
EVing + lvl 50: 60k


If you want to get your Pokemon EV'd and support the comp scene I'm your guy. I won't be the fastest, or the cheapest though.


This is what you'll be supporting by choosing my service: 



Customer Comments:


@DarylDixon: bad host
@BaliAds: Think trained my cute clefa into an obese clefable ;-; - go to him for fast fat training
@Quinn010: op ev service he ev youre mons better then i milk cows

@CaptnBaklava: Excellent service, all ready did a couple of mons for me, loads will follow. 


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