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PSL XIII - Week one


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1 minute ago, pachima said:

Debido a que THORRM ahora aparece a tiempo. Incluso después de darles casi una hora para iniciar sesión, los Lunatones están reemplazando@THORRM para @Senjutsuka (Corríjame si no son los nombres correctos del foro). 

Por favor @rizzer (resumen), y @Senjutsuka. Programe su partido (creo que se acordó en 1 hora)


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8 minutes ago, pachima said:

Due to THORRM now showing up in time. Even after giving them almost an hour to log, Lunatones are subbing @THORRM for @Senjutsuka (Correct me if not the right forum-names). 

Please @rizzer (abstractt), and @Senjutsuka. Schedule your match ( I believe it was agreed in within 1 hour)


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 Pls translate this proof for us savage cavemen


Edit: por favor 

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To be fair, a 50k player is the definition of a "who?". That being said. Cool, congrats to him on winning his match. You all know I love me some trashtalk but come on, it's still only week one.


And we do have quite a track record of showdown players not living up to the hype in mmo tiers. I guess time will tell when and if that trend will break. Sadly I havent been keeping up with this storyline so I'm still a bit confused. Is the new dubs guy the showdown player of is it his friend?

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