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[PSLXIII] Betting Thread

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The Ruthless Rotoms (0) vs (0) Empoleon Bonapartists

OU1:Stelian vs getovaherez

OU2: AwaXGoku vs Eastsiideboy

UU: Mkns vs YeyoXD

NU: Kanicula vs Cristi

Doubles: AkaruKokuyo vs Badbaarsito

LC: Huargensy vs Warwitox

M-Doubles: DarkQuiler vs Schuchty

M-OU: Darker vs MadaraSixSix


100k each (void if sub/activity/disconect)

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50 minutes ago, PoseidonWrath said:

still salty about the PSL meme about u being a clown huh, np kiddo sit down 

imagine scamming 100k 


hm ye sure, just not paying for a bet that was literally thrown, but ye bro.. im salty xD

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