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Klawe's Breeding center

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Hello everyone my name is VanessaKlawe (this is also my in-game name)

, creating this breeding center because I love the way breeding is done in this game and want to help others gain the comps they want for affordable prices (I apologise If the formatting is unusual, I only play this game from mobile right now), Now on to the rules. 




1: All payments must be made up front, I breed my own Pokemon with my funding, and thus can never afford to breed without forward payments, If you are worried you will be scammed please feel free to screenshot the trade or mail and report me if something happens.


2: No haggling, my prices are final unless otherwise stated, Constantly pestering me to use lower prices will get you blocked (If I'm making more profit than usual from your order I may refund part of the price anyways).


On a lighter note, If you are satisfied with your purchase, please leave a happy review. It really helps me out. Now onto the prices!



STANDARD COMPS: (Intentional 0s are priced the same as 31s)

1*31IV natured or 2*31IV: 50K 


2*31IV natured or 3*31IV: 125K


3*31IV natured or 4*31IV: 275K


4*31IV natured or 5*31IV: 550K


5*31IV natured or 6*31IV: 1.1M


And the Big one:

6*31IV natured: 2.2M





For male only, Genderless and shiny breeding you must speak with me to determine prices as these vary wildly in price depending upon current market values. Pokemon that are more likely to be male or female cost 25% more (this price is subject to change, I haven't breed pokemon of this sort much). Incense breeds cost 150% of the price, happiness breeds cost 100k more.



The first egg move is free with at least 3 IVs bred, all others cost 15K

TM moves and Tutor moves costs are based upon the value of the lowest cost on the market of the Items used. 

Volt tackle breeding costs DOUBLE the cost of the usual price.



Experience training costs 50K for level 50 and 500 per level after that, if you request this kind of training please tell me what moveset you would like it to have by the end.

EV training will always be to a minimum of level 50 and costs 100K (This includes the price of exp training).


Thanks for visiting!











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