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Artist needed...

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Hi! I am in search of an artist.


In 2 days I will be able to post a signature, I would like to have one made with what I specify. If you have samples, please feel free to inbox me or post them here. Also, if you are looking for payment in pokeyen I'm your guy, just give me an estimate and I will see if we can close in on a fair deal. 


After you have shown me samples I will inbox you with ideas, currently would like something with a shiny nidoking or regular, and some nice text of my username. Hopefully we can help each other! Thank you in advance!



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Please do not create request threads, it's mentioned in our rules for the Creative Media section:


5.) No request threads, if you wish to request a user make you something, PM them personally, or find a [shop] that fits the specifications of what you'd like.

Thank you!

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