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PvP system for wins or lose



Hellow, currently, i only connect to claim the rewards until the pokemon no more and no less, but my annoyance is for the point system, i've 758.27 (OU TIER) and if i win to one of the top 100 i just win 2.50, 3.20 or less and he loses the same amount. According to this, several times call me with new trainners. wich seems like to a waste of time because if i win i only recive 0.20 or less and if lose just lose 1.30 or 2.50 no more. to the point i'm going is that in the ranking i only see the statistc go up because the penalty is very low. 

If one trainner don't belongs to top 100 beats one of these, they should earn 5 points or more and the trainner will be hurt with -10 or -15 because that is the reason they are the top 100 they are the better of i don't know 1k of players maybe .
In the previous system there were bigger penalties that it was difficult to reach 800, even now i think people can reach 1k because they are playing ranked all day.

This is just a Suggestion 




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