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Safari Cup

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3v3 Tournament, Single Battle, Pokemons Caught in Safarizone


Date and Time

(Manila Philippines Time)

11pm September 17, 2020

Note: To check what time and date it is in your place kindly use this countdown guide




Cafe Sonata Channel 2



Registrations will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament.




Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO / OP Item


Banned Moves

Dragon Rage

Sonic Boom


Banned Items

BrightPowder, Focus Band, Quick Claw, Lax Incense and King's Rock



1. Pokemons that will be used in this tournament must be caught in Kanto Safari Zone only and must be your OT.


2. The Pokemons must remain unchanged. Evolving, EV Training and Leveling are not allowed.


3. Using TM's and tutoring the caught pokemons with new moves and using ability pills are allowed.


4. You can submit up to 6 pokemon entries which you will be using for the tournament but during the battles you can only use three of them.


5. Pokemons will be checked before battles to see if the pokemons being used passed the requirements.


6. Brackets will be decided alphabetically.


7. Not showing for 5 minutes within the starting time of the scheduled battle will result to disqualification.



1st Prize 500,000


2nd Prize 300,000


3rd Prize 100,000


Hosted by 



Participating Staffs








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