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[PSL XIII] Administrative Announcements & Decisions

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This thread will contain all the administrative decision/announcements made in the PokeMMO Super League Season 13. These include things like: activity decisions, tierlist updates, buyouts, contract renewals, punishments,  etc.


Like stated in the general thread, official PSL decisions are made by Pachi and I and are final by the end of the League week in which case they will be irreversible for consistency purposes. Managers, do not wait to make an appeal when you see things that aren't right.


@pachima and I will be the only ones that may post in this thread. This thread will be under quarantine, but when it's not do not post in this thread.

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I guess I will save some time this season and make it a bit official:


Please do not post in this thread unless you are ThinkNicer or Pachima.

Posts not made by those two will be considered spam and treated as such. 




As @Meltdown agreed to help with this thread, feel free to tag him /and me if you want this place closed @pachima @ThinkNicer

Or any psl thread, I guess

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Hey everyone,


The auction will start on Wednesday 16th of September 2PM GMT, and starting bids can be made until Tuesday 22nd of September 10PM GMT. The auction can be followed live on the PSL Discord server, all the rules of the auction are also pinned in the appropriate channel. You will be able to follow all the standing bids via a Google Sheets document, the link will be provided soon.


Timezones for start date

Deadline for starting bids


While the auctions are running we will have a few days of friendly competition. We'll randomly pair teams together and they'll face off in the following structure:





Doubles (if possible)

LC (if possible)




The manager and co-manager matches will be decided between the players themselves and the hosts. They don't have to be MMO tiers, they can be literally anything as long as it's 1v1 and it's easy to spectate (like showdown, chess, snakes & ladders w/e). Are there any matches you would like to see? Discuss it in the general thread or discord. The friendly week thread will be up Friday night GMT and it'll run until the start of the official league stages.


In short:

16th of September: Auction start

19th of September: Friendlies

23rd of September: League start


@Bearminator@Meltdown, thread can be closed for now, thank you.

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Luke has declined his manager contract due to last minute in-real-life conflicts, and is being replaced by Jaawax.


@Jaawax, we apologize for the late warning. Please get a teamname, and appoint a comanager, if you need one.


TLDR; #freejawax -> #freedjaawax


@Bearminator  @Meltdown you can lock this thread now, ty.


Edited by pachima

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@THORRM has chosen to abandon their PSL duties. We can understand if something urgent came up and a player no longer has the time to participate in the PSL. However, if you know your time will be limited or that you'd rather focus your energy on other things then your PSL teams, don't sign up. THORRM will be blacklisted for the next season of PSL. The Sailor Lunatones receive the 400k they have spent on THORRM, which they will hopefully be able to utilize in the mid-season.


This has already been posted in the week 2 thread but to clarify: all the movement changes that have taken effect will be used in week 2 and onward. If Hydreigon does receive a ban at the end of this month, this will not take effect until week 3.


Thanks @Bearminator

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JunioPT has withdrawn from the PSL, without any valid reason given. Therefore they will be put on the blacklist for PSL Season 14. The Thrashtalking Taillows get a full refund of 350.000 credits to use during the mid-season.


Wrathend of the Ruthless Rotoms has received a red card, for showing unsportsmanlike behaviour towards their teammates and manager. They will be suspended for 2 weeks, meaning they won't be able to play in week 4 and 5. Furthermore they will receive 50% less salary and 30% less end of season rewards. We want to make it clear we don't condone this kind of behaviour. You may have issues with your fellow teammates, or even with your manager. But these things can be brought up discreetly and respectfully.


That will be all, thank you @Bearminator

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Sorry I made a mistake on the weeks. Wrathend was suspended for week 3 and 4. The Rotoms have the option to put Wrathend in from week 5 and onward.

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Bulbasaur has left the Taillows, he will be blacklisted for season 14 and 50k will be returned to the team. 


QuinnW of the Trashtalking Taillows has received a yellow card for rule violations. Another yellow card will result in a suspension, so be careful.


PinkWings will be subbed in for Zigh in week 4, for Just Blaziken It. 


Mlhawk, of the Blazikens, has accepted a contract renewal for 700k (his old salary being 650k). Mlhawk is therefore no longer eligible for special transfer offers in the mid-season.

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Mlhawk vs Busso has been given an extension of 48h after the deadline. Please make sure to finish the match in that timeframe.

The following players have accepted a contract renewal:


From the Blazikens:

Lunarck for a raise of 50k (750k new salary).

Mlhawk for a raise of 50k (700k new salary).
Tawla for a raise of 50k (400k new salary).
Zokuru for a raise of 50k (350k new salary).
TheDH for a raise of 50k (550k new salary).
Haazuu for a raise of 50k (100k new salary).
Goldeneyes for a raise of 50k (100k new salary).

From the Villains:
Kiwikidd for a raise of 100k (750k new salary).
AurumPegasus for a raise of 50k (150k new salary).
Yosoyarca for a raise of 50k (150k new salary).

All these changes are now reflected in the Team Rankings & Statistics page, where you can also find a log of these changes in the 'mid season budget' tab.

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