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PSL XIII - Player Sign-up

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IGN: Kamowanthere

Reason: i don't know i just felt like it lol

Preferred Tiers: Doubles, OU, NU, gen 7

Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): I beat TheDarkAlakazam in 1v1. I used to ladder Dubs, still in somewhere in ladder even tho I havent played rank for 2 weeks

Discord contact (optional): kamo#5568

Other stuff: I have a life and usually play only at evening/night

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IGN: GasaiYunoSan

Reason: The event attracts me, as well as the vast majority of competitive players, I want to play it and show what I can do to everyone.

Preferred Tiers: I play all tiers, in what would be the 3 tiers of the game, my favorite is Never Used, but if we include LC and DUBS to this, my favorite is Dubs.

Competitive accolades: Tournament wins, especially in dubs format, recently win in shiny tourney NU (For The Cuties). Almost undefeated in the Argentina A team in the world cup 3 (5-1)
Discord Contact: GasaiSan#8213

Other random stuff: I like Mishis =3

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  • IGN: PinkAura
  • Reason: Wonderful people live here!
  • Preferred Tiers: NU UU (LC soon)! I'm willing to do OU but not preferred.
  • Competitive accolades I've never been in an official tournament but I have won many team tournaments.
  • Discord contact (optional): Ask me yourself ^.~
  • Other random stuff: I very much enjoy random challenges (From people who speak with me before spamming "Duel").
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Reason: I wanna be the very best, Like no one ever was, To catch them is my real test, To train them is my cause ^^ Pokémon! Hehe^^
Preferred Tiers:UU
Competitive accolades:^^
Discord contact (optional) :ararserrano#9165
Other random stuff: Bugs Is <3

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  • IGN: Baneadito
  • Reason: Play my first psl
  • Preferred tienes: everyone
  • Competitive accolades :1 shiny won some lost finals, and several cc won, in addition to the semifinals in my first World Cup being captain of Mexico
  • Discord contact : Baneadito#9231
  • Other fandom stuff : Cristi is my boyfriend, let's go in a package
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  • IGN: zMago
  • Reason: lf any motivation in this game again.
  • Preferred Tiers: Record and upload to youtube
  • Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): i won  1 tournament NU in my other account, shiny braviary.
  • Discord contact (optional):
  • Other random stuff: do some drama
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13小时前,MadaraSixSix 说:

IGN : MadaraSixSix

reason : for fun

Tiers : OU NU UU (i can play lc and dubs but i dont like...)

Competitive accolades : mmm i won vs thorrm yesterday, and i have a bad win to psl ratio a advice dont buy me dear

other random stuff : i play only teemo in league of legend



The game can be lost and teemo must die

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