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PSL XIII - Player Sign-up

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IGN: Meekmillz

Reason: New to comp and want to show what I've got

Preferred Tiers: NU 

Competitive accolades: not much, been playing NU(Comp in general) for 5 months I would say. won cc xD and got into some finals. was number 1 ranked NU for couple of weeks till I became inactive in ranked

Discord contact: Mmill#3962

Other random stuff: first PSL and I am very competitive. I am eager to learn and want to prove newbies can perform at the highest level

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  • IGN: JakiroMax
  • Razón: They told me a lot about the psl and I would love to fight with strong peopl
  • Niveles preferidos: All tier
  • Reconocimientos competitivos (opcionales, aunque ciertamente aumentan sus posibilidades de ser elegido / tener un salario más alto):  Shiny Chandelure tournament  and Tag teams
  • Contacto de discordia (opcional):Jakiromax#9772
  • Otras cosas al azar: I get along with everyone
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  • IGN: aftershocker
  • Reason: need a reason to login
  • Preferred Tiers: UU NU LC
  • Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): Undefeated last WC, NORE. Nuff said
  • Discord contact (optional):aftershocker# 0351
  • Other random stuff: will be a little busy with school/ work but I'll make it work.
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IGN: JasonSparrowX

Reason: Presas que se creen cazadores seran mi cena (aunque haxen 1 poco, si haxean mucho ya no me hago cargo)

Tiers: NU,NU,NU y quizas UU, OU último recurso

Competitive accolades: Swellow Variocolor, 2 mejor uu en temporada pasada con 2 weeks menos jugadas

Discord Contac: Jason_Sparrow#5811

Other Random Stuff: Soy una bestia

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•    Reason I would like to participate, since it is my first time in a psl, I also did a good performance being the NU of Colombia in the wc. Reaching the final, I also won CC NU and LC.
•    Preferred Tiers: DUBS  LC NU
•     Competitive accolades: NU 
•    Discord contact (optional): JamesFaul#7708
•    Other random stuff:i like the pizza!

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  • IGN:tMoi
  • Reason:Why not 
  • Preferred Tiers: UU&NU as main, can do OU or LC too
  • Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): I Won Breakout player in my 1st season, went 4-2 in last World Cup, have won some tours, bla bla
  • Discord contact (optional): Moi#4840
  • Other random stuff: This is my fifth time playing psl, I have the experience and I'm ready to win and help my TeamMates
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  • IGN: CHUCKunso
  • Reason: Winning is fun!
  • Preferred Tiers: OU, UU (to some extend)
  • Competitive accolades: Won the Conkel-Official, best OU last World Cup, 4-1 or 3-1 2nd World Cup, battling for Rank 1 OU Leaderboard, won some Einstein tourneys - suck otherwise
  • Discord contact: Papierflieger#5088
  • Other random stuff: "Something Something Beer" - a german guy.
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IGN: AkaruKokuyo

Reason: To prove everyone my favorite mons like Pikachu can be at top level. Looking to have fun!

Preferred tiers: All of them

Competitive accolades: I've managed to break the 600s barrier in OU after approx 748 games. Top 50 in dubs ladder as well ig but dubs ladder is ass wtf

Discord contact: Akaru#5742

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14 minutes ago, MknsZblex said:
  • IGN: Mkns
  • Reason: Here to win 
  • Preferred Tiers: I play all
  • Competitive accolades: I won tournaments in all tiers / I won the last PSL edition as captain / I won the last World Cup edition as captain / I'm better than your coach
  • Discord contact: Mkns1070#1686 
  • Most preferred manager: LeJovi
  • Least preferred manager: LeJovi
  • Other random stuff: Is coaching allowed ?

He will captain the manager for sure

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