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Add a shortcut to gym leaders



You know how some gyms have puzzles that need to be completed in order to reach the leader? In unova/sinnoh those puzzles take longer to complete because of the animations, and I even know of some people that skip those gyms altogether because they're not efficient on that 1 hour amulet coin timer. It'd be nice if there was a shortcut at the entance of those gyms that took you straight to the leader (but could only be used after you beat the e4).

That way us old players don't have to do the same puzzles every day and waste time doing them.


I don't think that'd affect the economy too much since gym rebattles still have a cooldown anyway.

Thanks for your consideration.

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when we beat the Elite 4 of the region we are in let players warp directly in front of the gym leader by clicking on their badge on our character card. it could even charge a small fee to use that would still be lower then how much you would make if you win the gym battle. this way players can choose to sacrifice a small amount of their winnings for more time saving convenience. however the more times you lose the gym battle and don't get payed the more times you have to pay to get their quickly losing potential profit for the day so it is not overly easy.

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