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PSL XIII - Manager Prediction Thread

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So, since the final countdown for the manager signup is drawing closer, here is the thread in where you can express your predictions regarding the 8 manager picks. 

Without further ado, let's announce the possible candidates:





Please post your predictions, and why. Discuss, create drama solid arguments for your picks, create HYPE!

NOTE: Manager sign-ups close at Monday, 12h00 GMT


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5 hours ago, gbwead said:

I predict that these 7 following managers will get picked:









Last one, I'm not sure. Maybe Sebat... or M66 ... or Titoooo ...or Kupo ... or Enchanteur ... or Yetto ... or Havsha...

u dont want me ... Zzzzzz

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iMat - a popular choice by demand, decent person & somehow manages to get by. 

spaintakula -  hilarious person to have around, really brightens up the topics whenever at hand.

you know you’ll have fun with him as manager. 

daryl - just Daryl. overall kudos for staying strong. ^^

realdevillegend - pretty solid. Very accustomed to pvp. another good choice. 

yettodie - fairly experienced. He is yet to die? 

havsha - always making strong points & proving people wrong whenever they can. 

YungTor - don’t really know you all that well. Sorry.


Sebat - would make a fine choice. Seems to have spent a lot of their time managing teams. 

Nowall - knowledgeable in pvp related, not sure manager wise. 

imabetheverybest - well advised in pvp. Not sure for managing though. 

lotus - pretty solid choice to have, personality/manager & pvp wise. That’s all. 

titooooo - seems like a fun person to have. feel that they would make good choices overall. 

jaawax - well advised in pvp & decent person. Would give great team-building strats no doubt. 

lejovi - would make a good choice as manager. Overall good in pvp & sits in the pvp community well. 

isperea - seems like a good person. Old player & looking for something new for once, what isn’t there to like. 

xxpryorxx - don’t really know you all that well, sorry. 

enchanteur - pretty straight forward. Accustomed to pvp & has that leader vibe. 

MadaraSixSix - the legend himself. The king of stall. 
Would make a fine choice, but feel they would need a co-manager for English translation.


Luke - overall good choice. Makes a good debate, friendly enough & good in pvp. 

Good luck everyone. ^~^

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After seeing the registers of my rivals, their arguments, paying attention what they propose, what they did for PSL and MMOcommunity, and ofc their records.


My Top7

RDL: He is methodic, getting good results as manager, looks like someone who uses his brain and take care of his steps.

NoWall: ? , the best in this top, future Top2 in season, no more to say.

Imabetheverybest: He has the enough experience required as a player to make the jump to manager, just need the chance to surprise us and this season could be.

Lotus: He is the serious player that can make u a new holy bible to explain u why a win in first turn is bad and/or colio is bad and fight for it until get the reason, and yeah he can salty a bit this season and I want that, as all us, while it's a healthy discussion and with arguments.

Jaawax: Future Top3 in season probably, he is the choice that cannot be missed, He knows how to lead a team and I want to see him as develops with others players.

LeJovi: NORE's daddy, different from Jaawax but with the same efficiency, He is offensive but with caution, strategically dangerous, a good option.

Lvke: Champion last season, doesnt need more arguments.


The last one it's me (obviously is my top) but if I need to argument it I can say I'm not NORE, the building of recognized players, I'm not HDLM, that win for 2 or 3 players spam them in each round, I'm not SIA or VVVV, that win for fortune of a good streak but I'm LORD, we were nothing in a beggining and now we are a team, individually we can have our good or bad days, but together we do things. The best team of 2019 cup and all TT's that we won, the captain was Bat (not TiToooo jeje), also all these tourneys played 6-10 players in each one (the distribution of RPs was sad ik) proving that I can shine every player.


NoWall is LORD doesnt count as VGC

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YettoDie - He is this season's sugar daddy. Seeing as Torin managed to buy a spot once... who knows. 

imabetheverybest - I guess someone has to draft all the VVVV dudes. 

Lotus - Probably the hardest sleeper pick, idk how he still hasn't been given a shot. 

LeJovi - Most well-received signup, he's a jajaja who doesn't need Google Translate to speak English and he makes sure this season won't be forgettable. 

enchanteur - idk how serious his signup is but the last PSL I played was for this dude and he built a pretty sick team. 


MadaraSixSix - I guess someone has to draft all the SIA dudes. 

Luke - Won the last one so kinda obvious pick...but he does post god-awful memes. 


zDaryl - Since hosts always pick someone to make fun of...too u do dis? 


LF at least 1 or 2 other big names to signup. Frags and Axoa, where art thou? 

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