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Travelling From Region to Region

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At the moment i have 8 gym badges in Hoenn but would rather gather all 8 gym badges in the other regions before i take on the Pokemon League.

If i went to Sinnoh and came back to Hoenn would i pick up from where i left off or would i have to get all 8 gym badges in Hoenn again? 

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Watch the level cap. if you are not carful and use pokes on different regions you might mess up the lvl cap and lose the poke until the right milestone has achieved. For instance the pre e4 cap of unova is 56. if you got past it on hoenn you wont be able to use those pokes on unova until post e4 unova.

if your goal is to reuse the same team for all e4's then the right order is unova > hoen > sinnoh > kanto.

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