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[Screenshot Contest] It's Cosplay Time! (29th August)

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It's Cosplay Time! It is time to get creative, as this screenshot contest will feature creative and iconic cosplays from your favorite anime, show, movie, game etc. using in game vanities. The only limitation is your own creativity!


The only requirements we have are that your entry follow our Code of Conduct and that you use in game vanity to illustrate your cosplay. The value of vanities are not relevant here. We just aim to see how creative you can be - and what funny, cute and iconic cosplays that you can show with the in game vanities. 


Just try to bring something that stands out and your chances of winning will be higher. ^^ 

Time for Submission

From 29th August to 12th September at 11:59pm CEST.

Timezone Converter: End


Announcement of Winners

19th September (Saturday)


Sethsen, BrokenBulbTeddi, Lin



  • It needs to be a recent screenshot on PokeMMO. It doesn't matter the place, as long as it belongs to PokeMMO and it doesn't contain anything outdated, such as features or graphics that were already updated.
  • Only one screenshot will be accepted as entry per person. If you submit more than that, your entries won't be considered. This also counts for 2 or more screenshots in one image.
  • You can't edit the image. Adding elements and effects that doesn't belong to PokeMMO, such as emojis or other sprites, will disqualify your entry.
  • Your screenshot and title must follow the rules from our Code of Conduct.
  • You can take screenshot with friends, but keep in mind that the prize will be sent to whoever posts the entry and it won't scale according to how many people are on the screenshot. It's up to the winners decide if or how they want to share the prize.
  • All submissions must contain the in game nickname of the player(s).
  • Submissions must be sent in this thread during the timeframe of the event, not before or after. Posts edited after the announcement of the end of submission time won't be accepted.





415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png 1st Place




Shiny GIFT Buneary

Your choice of gender, nature with 2 moves, 2 selectable IVs + 4x25 IVs
1,000 Reward Points


9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png 2nd Place

700 Reward Points


d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png 3rd Place

300 Reward Points

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Posted (edited)

Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4) at Tatsuhime Shrine with her Persona Sukuna-Hikona, waiting for Chadsona Yu to meet up with her for their date, it doesn't seem like he is coming though :(
IGN is Teyta, I am SO exited for this contest, I waited all week for this! I can't wait to see what other people submit too!

Edited by dotMO

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Kcalb from The Grey Garden, made by jjpfhoenn at hell's gate. Very nice and original event I hope a lot of people join it and repeat it in the future.


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Posted (edited)



Since Volcarona was thought of as the embodiment of the sun in the BW2 pokedex entry, does this count as a cosplay of that guy from the Jimmy Dean breakfast commercials? I'm under 300 calories :>

Edited by MGRazor
IGN: andham

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I've always loved light blue outfits in this game and been hanging around with follower Froslass who perfectly fits with me.

So for this challenge I tried to cosplay my most faithful follower !





Technically Pokemon is still an anime ... r-right ?

IGN : TohnR

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Title: Mario Karting with friends!

People in the picture: "Toadette" is GuadaX, Mario is megasaff, Luigi is xUltrajesusx (me) and "Yoshi" is Vartiou.

What's the cosplay about?: Mario Kart Wii, because (iirc) it's the only one with motorcicles XD

Music that goes with the photo:





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Title: Wrong Evolution Line

IGN: Zbleeex





I'm sure that Rattata should evovle in Gabite. Not in Raticate..


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Posted (edited)

                         Title: Guard revolutionary Army

                                          IGN: Darker


Edited by Darker

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Posted (edited)

NaruCosplay :3

IGN: MFlor



Hi there! We are the Amegakure orphans, Nagato, Yahiko and Konan, under the tutelage of our sensei, the Toad Sage, Jiraiya.
We have a dream... We want to stop all the fightening and bring peace to the pokeworld!

Press F to pay respect :(


Yahiko - PSaber
Nagato - XeneizeX
Konan - MFlor
Jiraiya - Shiftry
Chibi - Lillipup
Gamabunta - my bro MrMapache (Venasaur)


Special thanks to XeneizeX, one of the best buddies you can have in game and life, and my boy PSaber <3. Both of them helped me a lot with this NaruCosplay!


Hope you like it 'ttebayo! - MFlor



Edited by Flori

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Posted (edited)

Raid On the City, Knock out... Evil Tusks !!! Team rocket has taken Opelucid City because even they want garchomp back to OU!!!


Special thanks to everyone that helped me doing this


Team Rocket.png

Edited by NzAdam

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