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Beginner's guide to PokeMMO [W.I.P]

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A beginner's guide to PokeMMO

[THIS GUIDE IS A W.I.P. Everything will be improved when my schedule allows for it. If you are a beginner, the info in this guide might not be accurate.]


Welcome to PokeMMO!



PokeMMO is exactly what you think it is. It is an MMO version of the Pokemon games that we have grown up playing. The game has multiple regions and many cool features that have been modified to fit it's theme as a MMO. 


This guide is to help beginner's get a sense of direction. PokeMMO can be quite overwhelming at first for a beginner because everything looks the same yet it is so different. First things first, PokeMMO is x5 times harder than the original games. The game's difficulty has been increased so as to give players a challenge, which the original games didn't. PokeMMO also has 4 regions that are playable. The four regions are:


1. Hoenn (Emerald)

2. Unova (Black)

3. Kanto (FireRed)

4. Sinnoh (Platinum)


You need the Pokemon Black ROM to start playing. The other roms are entirely voluntary if you want to access the other regions. You might also need a HeartGold/SoulSilver (HG/SS) rom, it is only used for follower sprites so it is not mandatory to play the game. 


For you Johto purists/fanatics, Johto has not been implemented to the game. It will be a long time before it is. 


I will now begin to explain each region and it's specialties. 




Hoenn is one of the best regions to start in and finish. It has a pretty easy and quick storyline, it has an amazing money-making potential (shitto farming) and it has great EV training spots. 


#1 Hoenn has a short and easy story line. @MightyBoxer has an amazing guide that can help. 


#2 Hoenn also has amazing money-making potential, specifically Ditto (shitto) farming. Dittos are the hottest commodity on the market right now because people will need them for rare shiny breeding. You can access Desert Underpass after you complete the region. Desert Underpass is in the western most house in Fallarbor Town. See picture in the spoiler:



For more info on ditto farming, feel free to visit the thread below:


#3 I also mentioned that Hoenn is a great spot for EV training (Effort value training). For more info on EV training, @Bestfriends has an amazing video on it. 


For more info on all the EV training spots, @pikabuuh has an amazing guide as well. Check it out below:







 Unova is a great region that is synonymous with Berry farming. The region has over 156 plots split between Mistralton city and Abundant Shrine. The story line in Unova is quite annoying because you have quite a lot of rival fights and the difficulty can be daunting which is why I recommend you start Unova only after completing Hoenn. Unova does have some post-game content but at the time of writing this guide they are still under development. 


For the story line guide I once again defer to @MightyBoxer's amazing guide. 


Let's get back to Berry farming. Like I said earlier, Unova is the best region, no contest, for berry farming. Berry farming requires a significant amount of capital to invest in. Berry Farming is also a great way to make money, granted you know what you are doing. It requires a bit of experience but you are lucky as we have some amazing guides on the topic. 


If you're looking to start out in berry farming then this guide by @xStarr is your best bet:


If you would like more advanced info then @LuciusTellus has a great guide on it as well:





Kanto is a great region with a rich story line. While there aren't any specialties to Kanto, it is a fleshed out region rich in content. It's story line is quite easy. It's post-game content, however, is quite tricky and can feel like a chore to finish. But, trust me it is worth the trouble. Many unique spots in Kanto where you can farm different types of mons. 


Story line guide: 



Kanto, once again, is a great region for EV training. Please refer to the Hoenn section for more info on that. 


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Sinnoh will be completed in the near future

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Reserved for Future Updates. Stop merging smh 



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