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Is there a dreamworld? And if so then how do I use it?

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Is there a Dreamworld? I want to get things like Garchomp's Dry skin, Breloom's Technician and etc, I want to make a competitive team, yes I will try and make the sacrifice. Does anyone know how to access dreamworld, or is it just not existent like contest and things like that. I need it.

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Hello @DavyYeetii,

No, there isn't. For now, there is not a way to get Garchomp's Rough Skin ability nor Breloom's Technician ability as hidden abilities are yet not implemented in PokeMMO for players - only NPCs have them for now. You can see what abilities your Pokémon can get via the Pokédex. Best of luck!

Have a good day. 

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