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Training ev high lv

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I haven't found a proper place to ask this question, so I'm guessing it should be asked here.

Suppose I have a very high lv pokemon, after beating the kanto region and clearing islands, and I haven't trained ev at all (only leveld up, battled trainers etc...)

Does it affect my ev training if I start now?

For example, suppose I reset my dragonite's ev stats with the proper vitamin, and he is lv 100, would I still be able to ev train him?

Sorry for the noob question, couldn't find the anwser also.

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You can EV-train Pokémon at any level, no matter what. The only stats that are set in stone are a Pokémon's IVs. So you can train your Dragonite even at lvl. 100. :3.

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