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PokeMMO Tutor Moves Listing and Requirements


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PokeMMO Tutor Moves Listing and Requirements

Written by Lin

Spanish Translation by MrPeruano


Following the 29/07/2020 update, every region has 2 NPC's which can be found in every pokemon center in each region. One of which is a move master that will teach your pokemon certain moves in return for specific items and the other is able to reteach your pokemon moves that it has or would otherwise learn from levelling up as well as functioning as a move deleter as well.


This moves offered by the move tutor in each region is different and this guide lists which moves are available in which region and what they require to tutor. Each move tutor requests a specific colour of shard and another specific item as listed below.


Use CTRL+F to search for a specific move you're looking for.



Kanto: POWERPNT_xi878fUCLt.png.9b7b2c80f2f18f5fd4b8fe0f4dee9a17.png


AncientPower - 1x Red Shard, 3x Hard Stone

Bounce - 1x Red Shard, 2x Float Stone
Bug Bite - 1x Red Shard, 1x SilverPowder

Covet - 1x Red Shard, 2x Desting Knot

Drill Run - 2x Red Shard, 3x Soft Sand

Dual Chop - 2x Red Shard, 1x Dragon Fang

Fire Punch - 2x Red Shard, 1x Expert Belt

Gunk Shot - 2x Red Shard, 3x Poision Barb

Headbutt - 1x Red Shard, 1x Silk Scarf
Ice Punch- 2x Red Shard, 1x Expert Belt

Iron Head - 2x Red Shard, 3x Iron Ball

Low Kick - 2x Red Shard, 2x Black Belt

Mud-SIap - 1x Red Shard, 1x Soft Sand

Seed Bomb - 2x Red Shard, 2x Miracle Seed

Selfdestruct- 1x Red Shard, 2x Smoke Ball

Signal Beam - 2x Red Shard, 2x SilverPowder

Super Fang - 2x Red Shard, 2x Silk Scarf

ThunderPunch - 2x Red Shard, 1x Expert Belt
Twister- 1x Red Shard, 1x Dragon Fang

Uproar - 1x Red Shard, 1x Metronome

Volt Tackle - 2x Red Shard, 2x Light Ball


Hoenn: 456456.png.e2c5d5195be0d4e91fbff3f73ca01e3b.png


After You - 1x Green Shard, 2x Quick Claw

Defense Curl - 1x Green Shard, 1x Shed Shell

Draco Meteor - 3x Green Shard, 3x Dragon Fang

Endeavor  - 2x Green Shard, 1x Focus Band

Fire Pledge - 1x Green Shard, 1x Charcoal

Gastro Acid - 1x Green Shard, 1x Black Sludge

Grass Pledge - 1x Green Shard, 1x Miracle Seed

Helping Hand - 2x Green Shard, 2x Destiny Knot

Magic Room - 2x Green Shard, 1x TwistedSpoon

Night Shade - 2x Green Shard, 2x Spell Tag

Ominous Wind - 1x Green Shard, 2x Spell Tag

Outrage- 2x Green Shard, 1x Dragon Fang

Spite -1x Green Shard, 1x Spell Tag
String Shot - 1x Green Shard, 1x SilverPowder
Swift - 1x Green Shard, 1x BrightPowder

Water Pledge - 1x Green Shard, 1x Mystic Water
Wonder Room - 2x Green Shard, 1x TwistedSpoon
Worry Seed - 1x Green Shard, 1x Miracle Seed



Unova: POWERPNT_WSlFyiHJec.png.7d6a56e8002b902fdc58ec914e9fac5c.png


Air Cutter - 1x Blue Shard, 1x Sharp Beak

Aqua Tail - 2x Blue Shard, 2x Mystic Water
Block - 2x Blue Shard, 2x Shed Shell

Earth Power - 2x Blue Shard, 3x Soft Sand
Electroweb - 1x Blue Shard, 1x Magnet
Foul Play - 2x Blue Shard, 2x BlackGlasses
Gravity - 1x Blue Shard, 3x Lagging Tail
Hyper Voice - 2x Blue Shard, 2x Metronome
Hypnosis - 1x Blue Shard, 1x Metronome

Icy Wind  - 1x Blue Shard, 1x NeverMeltIce
Iron Defense - 1x Blue Shard, 1x Metal Coat
Last Resort - 2x Blue Shard, 2x Silk Scarf
Magic Coat - 2x Blue Shard, 1x Light Clay
Magnet Rise - 2x Blue Shard, 2x Float Stone
Nightmare - 1x Blue Shard, 1x Spell Tag
Sucker Punch - 2x Blue Shard, 3x Quick Claw
Superpower - 2x Blue Shard, 3x Black Belt
Vacuum Wave - 2x Blue Shard, 2x Quick Claw

Zen Headbutt - 2x Blue Shard, 2x TwistedSpoon



Sinnoh: POWERPNT_i3luCKJSAl.png.a91413b40333c5b2dbe0233ec9a65514.png


Bind - 1x Yellow Shard, 2x Grip Claw
Faint Attack - 1x Yellow Shard, 1x BlackGlasses
Fake Out - 2x Yellow Shard, 3x Quick Claw
Heal Bell - 2x Yellow Shard, 1x Soothe Bell
Heat Wave - 2x Yellow Shard, 2x Charcoal
Knock Off - 1x Yellow Shard, 1x BlackGlasses
Pain Split - 2x Yellow Shard, 2x Sticky Barb
Role Play - 1x Yellow Shard, 1x Destiny Knot
Sky Attack - 2x Yellow Shard, 2x Sharp Beak

Snore - 1x Yellow Shard, 1x Metronome
Synthesis - 2x Yellow Shard, 2x Big Root
Tailwind - 2x Yellow Shard, 2x Sharp Beak
Trick - 2x Yellow Shard, 2x BrightPowder




The Move Maniac: javaw_AAyJx3kQt3.png.eccb420089caf26644a1eb5c14c53c51.png

The move maniac can be found in all the pokemon centers and offers the same functions in each region.

They can teach a pokemon any move that it has previously learnt or usually learns via levelling up (this include moves learned at a future level and also pre-evo and start moves).

They teach these moves in return for heart scales (the number of which varies between 1 and 4 depending on the move).

They also offer to delete any move for a fee of  PokémonDollar.png1,000.



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Is there a requirement for the move maniac? Becuase in one of my profiles (with 1 badge) He will ask if I want to forget a move or relearn a move, but the options won't appear. It's in Hoenn, if that matters? Is there a badge requirement?


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6 hours ago, Sethsen said:

You need to complete history in order to use tutors. 

But in another profile in Unova, the starting region for that profile, I had 4 badges, talked to the move maniac and I could relearn a move, I even taught my zorua night daze. Was that a bug or unintended?

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On 8/7/2020 at 6:47 PM, Riso08 said:

But in another profile in Unova, the starting region for that profile, I had 4 badges, talked to the move maniac and I could relearn a move, I even taught my zorua night daze. Was that a bug or unintended?

he was talking about move tutors, the move maniac just relearns a pokemon's move

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