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PSL XIII - PokeMMO Super League Season 13; Congratulations to the Empoleon Bonapartists

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Alright, i just have to do this and altough some people insist on my looking for drama in the wrong thread, this is the perfect one to do it.    @Xigbar I still dont know why you did what

Donation counter: 126.000.000 / 120.000.000     Welcome to the thirteenth season of the PSL, hosted by the lovely @pachima and returning champion ThonkNose. PSL is a team-based event, th

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4 minutes ago, DoubleJ said:

Used to be, then I got lazy

You mean after Lyle became irrelevant heh


3 minutes ago, Poufilou said:

I mean for this PSL, just like announcements were made in World Cup.

We made an announcement in the PSL discord announce channel. Here is the copy paste:


The regular season has come to an end, let's see who has dominated each tier.

This seems to be the season of the newcomers, as we see how Darker (Ruthless Rotoms) waltzed through most of the competition in OU with an impressive 6-1 record.

UU is the tier of the veterans, as Mlhawk (Just Blaziken It) takes the title with a 6-1 record.

NU is a volatile tier, we see how players have struggled to be consistent  in it. Kriliin (Just Blaziken It) has shown excellent mastery in this tier with an impressive 4-0 record. 

Doubles has some fearsome competition. Both newcomers Akaru (Ruthless Rotoms) and Superman (Empoleon Bonapartists) have had an amazing showing with a 6-1 record. Superman manages to sweep the title from Akaru as he managed to beat her in week 6.

LC the tier of the babbies, but looks can be deceiving as the competition was fierce. But Xondex (Ruthless Rotoms) managed to stay on top with a 5-1 record.

Lastly we award a prize to the breakout player of the season. Contendors for this title were Darker, AkaruKokuyo and Superman. Since Superman managed to beat Akaru the decision was between Darker and Super. This was a very close call, both have proven to be excellent players. But we think that Super had a little bit harder time competing in the Doubles tier, facing many Doubles specialists and managing to stop the streak of Akaru. So congratulations to Superman for Breakout Player of the Season!

In summary Darker, Xondex, Kriliin, Mlhawk, Superman (x2) will be rewarded with 1m each. Maybe someone can make a dope signature as well?

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