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PSL XIII - PokeMMO Super League Season 13; Congratulations to the Empoleon Bonapartists

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35 minutes ago, pachima said:

Congratulations Empoleons for the well deserved win.

Congratulations Jaawax for proving I was a worse host than Thinknice by not picking you in.
Congratulations Rotoms for reaching 2nd place despite all our bias.

Thank you everyone for signing, playing and complaining.

Sorry Villains for not giving you a free pass.

I think that's all from me. 

noob host

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Alright, i just have to do this and altough some people insist on my looking for drama in the wrong thread, this is the perfect one to do it.    @Xigbar I still dont know why you did what

Donation counter: 126.000.000 / 120.000.000     Welcome to the thirteenth season of the PSL, hosted by the lovely @pachima and returning champion ThonkNose. PSL is a team-based event, th

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Thank you guys for hosting this. Due to a lot of unpleasant circumstances in life I could not be as active as I initially wanted, but the fact that I didn't know most of people who played in finals (no offense to you guys- it's because of my inactivity) shows how the competitive community has grown over a very short period of time.


Huge thanks to my Taillow squad- despite not being in a PSL team anymore I spent some really cool moments out there, you are all always free to ask me for a mon if you need it. If I got it, I'll help out :)


Congratulations to Empoleons and Rotoms, at first glance and the matchup of finals I was pretty sure Rotoms will get the crown- but Jaawax gave proof why he deserved the manager spot. Really, really happy to see this man where he belongs. Félicitations mon ami :)


See you next season!

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Alright, i just have to do this and altough some people insist on my looking for drama in the wrong thread, this is the perfect one to do it. 


I still dont know why you did what you did by catfishing in this game for months and to be quite honest I hated you for what you did for months, as much as i didnt hate any other human being for a long time and i didnt bother trying to hide it - maybe thats why i had to soak up a lot of hate. Every single one of your lies has been debunked, yet you insisted on feeding people more lies. You toyed with a lot of peoples feelings and even when you got caught red handed you didnt manage to face the shit you stirred and you never offered an apology to people you hurt. You simply didnt and still dont give a fuck, yet you feel happy about winning a community event within a community you took a huge crap on. You didnt just stop at trying to deceive this whole community; you even went as far as instrumentalizing the death of someone close to you to fish for attention, yet you run around calling people psychopaths and attention uguus. To me that is just as disgusting as it gets and it made me angry af. In the end you´re just not worth it - you´re not worth anything. Took me a while to realise, but better late than never. 


On the other hand i still dont see why a community openly welcomes someone back who hurt a lot of peoples feelings just for attention and personal enjoyment in a manner that clown did - without ever dropping an apology. The sole fact that Xigbar/Roxxass took part in this event made it a farce. Really great community (event) and congrats on empoleons for winning it all.


Tbh i was still salty about only a few people having the guts to walk up to me and apoligizing for how much shit they threw at me throughout this while roxxass ordeal, altough ive been right all along and i was disgusted, kinda still am, by how people just stand by and let that selfish kid have his way in this community event, but i dont know why i expected people to have a backbone - my bad. Just needed to get that off my chest, because all these negative feelings consumed me and i already feel this was the right thing to do.


Merry christmas and good start to 2021 everybody.


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This has been fun to watch ! I couldn't be around at the beginning of it but I enjoyed the competition and the overall fairplay atmosphere. 


Hope next year I can participate if any manager needs someone to heat up the bench (and hiring me as adult video producer for all the breedings). 


Butler, don't really wanna insist on this event I am not aware of, but as an external point of view, I think anyone doing this kind of thing is a bit sick in the head (no insult here, just dont know how to do better phrasing), and while they can hurt a lot for apparent no reasons, I think forgiveness (or just ignoring/being neutral to their presence) is a good thing when they stop the bullshit and just accept to be true to themselves. It sucks that there were no apologies though. But the environment of this game makes it hard to actually show that you're a human being that can show something else than ego. I like your message for that reason. You do have all the rights to feel how you feel. I think some people can support you while being fine with Xigbar though. It doesn't have to be some kind of "two sides" thing. After all, we're all stuck together here anyways, so let's just make it more enjoyable as much as we can. 


Merry Christmas everyone ! Feels like there are lot of new players coming. I think 2021 gonna be good year for PokeMMO ! 

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@NOREButler I could just continue making fun of you and answer with a big reply about all of this situation but seems like you really have feelings it is that or it is that I won PSL and Im happy for my team mates.


Usually people throw shit to you for the way you are. Being honest you are rager and salty all the time with all the players calling them lossers so hiding that fact behind feelings is kinda how you said it "Uuguu" or "Psychopath". We can just go to the beginning of the thread to see how all this situation  thing begun.   


Honestly still a bit impossible for me to take you serious. You speech was so good just to find an excuse for ur saltiness and say you have feelings. I have to clap cause I almost feel pity for you. 


Just like you. For me is disgusting how you try to find some kind of drama to have the attention in a topic dedicated for an event and for players who won the event. You trying to get the attention of the community when u are so irrelevant right now and nobody cares but ok. Here we are giving you the attention you were looking for. 


You are not worth of attention but. Merry Christmas and good 2021 for you and your family.




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27 minutes ago, NOREButler said:

@Xigbar This was the ideal situation for you to apologise, but ud rather talk about trivialities. Its beyond me how you think that you are in a position to make fun of (or try to) someone else, but as i said in my post, im done with it.


I wish you the best of luck to find the help you desperately need.


images (3)-1.jpg

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