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PSL XIII - PokeMMO Super League Season 13; Congratulations to the Empoleon Bonapartists

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Maybe it's a bit late for this but what if we have Manager + Assistant Manager this once? I know a lot of experienced people who won't want to play but would be interested in managing. Some would be even more interested in doing it with a friend. 


So basically the signup could be close to




Team Name: (I guess just cuz when people don't get chosen we never know what might of been) 



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17 hours ago, ThinkNicer said:

So who is gonna apply for manager, hm?

Edit: Also thanks to Sebat for donating us to an even number

The Bats are ready.



the donation is not a backhander


but if that works, so yes


if the last get me troubles, just ignore it




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