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PSL XIII - PokeMMO Super League Season 13; Congratulations to the Empoleon Bonapartists

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Alright, i just have to do this and altough some people insist on my looking for drama in the wrong thread, this is the perfect one to do it.    @Xigbar I still dont know why you did what

Donation counter: 126.000.000 / 120.000.000     Welcome to the thirteenth season of the PSL, hosted by the lovely @pachima and returning champion ThonkNose. PSL is a team-based event, th

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1 hour ago, CaptnBaklava said:

Me and not knowing all your references cause im quite new

From one side Im envious cuz of your innocence, but you missed also so much fun (which successfully killed more than half of my brain cells) 


good times

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Welp, what an amazing community. 120m was a bold goal, but we've hit it. Absolute massive thanks to YettoDie for his donation of 50m. With some anonymous contributions and the contributions of PinkWings and NikhilR we are well over our goal. The extra donations will be used to bolster the end of season reward prizes.


The PSL schedule will now look like this:

31st of Agust; Manager Signups

7th of September: Player Signups

14 of September: Auction Start

23rd of September: either a week of friendly matches or league start, still deciding








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