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PSL XIII - PokeMMO Super League Season 13; Congratulations to the Empoleon Bonapartists

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Donation counter: 126.000.000 / 120.000.000fPaHkZS.png



Welcome to the thirteenth season of the PSL, hosted by the lovely @pachima and returning champion ThonkNose. PSL is a team-based event, these teams are formed by managers. Managers are selected by the hosts of the event. Players can sign up to be put on the auction list that managers use to bid on players to fill their teams. Once the auction is over, the competition starts! Every week the eight PSL teams face off against each other in a Round Robin style. The best performing teams then face off in the Playoffs for a chance to take the grand prize.



This season will bring a lot of exciting changes, so let’s see what they are:

-        A new reward system

-        A new (but actually old) auction style

-        Mid-season, yeah baby!

-        Gunthug’s tears



Wait, what?! What are these changes, and why is this person crying? You can find information on these changes together with the ruleset of this season here. All rules and regulations are subject to change, if this is deemed appropriate by the hosts.



The format for PSL XIII is as follows:

2x OU





2x Manager’s choice



This will be the season schedule:

Week 1-5: League Stages

Week 6: Mid-season & Friendlies

Week 7: Mid-season & League Stages

Week 8-9: League Stages

Week 10-12: Play Offs



The signups for this season will start in the first week of September if the donation goal is reached, or whenever the donation goal is reached. Our donation goal for the season is 120m. This is what we’re going to do with these funds:

-        48m will be used to pay player salaries

-        6m will be used for individual prizes

-        66m will be used to reward the top 3 teams of the season.

A more detailed breakdown can be found in the ruleset of this season.



We are now accepting donations! Please send all your donations to ‘pikacy’ in game, or PM either  @pachima or me if you have any questions.



Donation counter: 126.000.000 / 120.000.000

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Donation counter: 126.000.000 / 120.000.000     Welcome to the thirteenth season of the PSL, hosted by the lovely @pachima and returning champion ThonkNose. PSL is a team-based event, th

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50m - YettoDie

25m - Paul

20m - MonkeyDMathew

10m - nahwel

2.5m - Pachi

2m - Anonymous

2m - Gunthug

2m - ThinkNicer

1.5m - Imabetheverybest

1.5m - Stelian

1.03m - aurumpegasus

1m - Captnbaklava

1m - NikhilR

1m - PinkWings

1m - Sethsen

1m - Strategist

1m - TiTooooo

939.929 - Sebat

530k - AssasinV

500k - Bearminator

500k - MexiDany

100k - Huargensy

0.000069m and some escape ropes - dinofish

2 - Dutchtakula

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1 hour ago, Gunthug said:

Remember back when Gb used to refuse to play in PSL, and yet was the most vocal critic in the entire community? Constantly jumping in to whine about decisions that didn't actually affect him since he wasn't participating?

I participated in PSL 4. I didn't know what I was getting myself into back then. I quickly realise the event was complete garbage and that's why the next two seasons I didn't participate and pointed out pretty much everything that I didn't like. Now, we have PSL 13 without showdown tiers and without hosts participating, so I don't regret any of the whining xD

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