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Remove Makeover Kit



Hi there. I made an account just to post this suggestion, but something has been bugging me for a bit about the Makeover Kit. When you look over at most other vanities in the game, it is really easy to acquire a differently colored shirt, pants, bag, etc, and have multiples in your inventory so you can swap depending on your mood. Most of these obviously cost minimal yen in the pokemarts, and if it is a gift shop/limited vanity item, dye is always a pretty affordable option to change the color of your vanity, and even the premise of owning multiple gift shop/limited time vanities can apply here if that floats fine with you.

However, I don't get why some of the most mundane customization options involving skin tones, eye colors, shoes, facial hair, etc, are locked behind a 500 RP purchase. It seems really weird to have free (non gift shop) non-costly options to get differently colored hats and other accessories, but changing something as little as your eye color warrants a 5 buck purchase on its own. It is even a bit ridiculous the solid color shirts that the game gives you, along with *pants* are locked behind the Makeover Kit as well; something that honestly should be available in Pokemarts already. Shoes don't even have a vanity equivalent you can wear, since you are stuck with the color shoes you chose on day one. There isn't even an option for grey/blue/green/brown contacts in the gift shop as well, considering the fact that amethyst, red, and violet are available as well.

TL;DR: Too many basic customization options are funneled into the Makeover Kit. I don't want to say that it comes off as a little moneygrabbing, but it does.

SOLUTION: Either make things like default shirt/pants/shoes/eye colors/facial hair be able to be bought within Pokemarts, or at least put them up in the gift shop and the player is given one free untradable one at the start of their journey.

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