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PvP Music selection


Since PokeMMO uses the assets stored in the roms, we should be allowed to select whichever song from whichever game we wish to hear during PvP battles. The Unova trainer battle theme is the track that's always playing during PvP, and there are countless amazing tracks in the games(e.g- Kanto Gym leader, Hoenn E4, legendary titan theme, Cynthia's theme, N's theme, Alder's theme etc.) that players would prefer listening to while the battle progresses. So, adding a feature that allows us to listen to any particular track available in the rom files during PvP/Duels would very much be appreciated.

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People listen to PokeMMO music?? huh, never knew. 
Always muted that & spotify for me. 

would be a nice choice to have though, i suppose. ^^;

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