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My idea for HGSS and BW2


My idea for HGSS and BW2


my idea is that the way to add these two regions is to put it in a time machine or break space-time, in other words, when we finish kanto after the game Professor Bill tells us he made a machine to travel to the future and that we would have to leave our pokemons and travel to johto and by winning the medal 4 we can do it in a specific city and return to the kanto of the past as with BW2 as when we went to Unova or Tesselia as a teacher to tell him that there is a machine from the time to travel to the future and when we win the medal 4 we can return, these places would be connected by boats, but to travel to Sinnoh and Hoeen we would have to travel to the past and that would be my idea to add the regions if the current one changes


(I did the translation with google in case they see a misspelling)



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