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[GUI] Theme mudkip blue

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Hello!!!! this theme is inspired by mudkip, it is my second complete theme.

The theme is focused on mudkip and blue and cold colors


Do not know how to install a theme? It is easy    %appdata% > pokemmo > data > themes > theme folder   and  restart the client!!!!   

[all cursors are personalized ]


link mega : https://mega.nz/file/04ER3ITQ#CkOQND-YUzQEvOn8Kdz2f2FWudkW075-InRY8rlg6V8







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21 hours ago, ImNotLeJohn said:

Or can you pls share a zip version of it.



hello the rar file you have to unzip it and you will have a folder .

you have to enter the folder in    ''themes''        if you don't know how to do it I'll guide you


in your windos search engine      put %appdata%     > then you enter pokemmo  > after you enter data >  you go into '' themes ''  and put the theme folder you downloaded 


restart your pokemmo client  and you go to settings,> you give interface and where defeault says you click and choose the theme you just downloaded


[ If you don't understand me, let me know, I'm using the translator since I don't speak English ]


luck and I hope this explanation will help you


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