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Rotom 4x31 natured

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Hello @Redemption17,

In order to make a 4x31 natured Pokémon (including Rotom), you will need 16 breeders (1x31 ones) and around 340k just for braces and everstone (you can read more here).


It will of course cost more if you want to buy the breeders (Rotom(s) + Ditto(s)) instead of catching them yourself. 1x31 Rotom(s) go for around 30k currently, and Ditto(s) are between 8-12k. So roughly, 336k in breeders and 776k in total. 

Best of luck. ^^

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On 6/19/2020 at 6:05 PM, Redemption17 said:

And how much does it cost for a 3x31 1x25 natured ferrothorn?


5 hours ago, Bonham said:

How much would a 6x31 male Rhyhorn cost? 

For ferro and rhyhorn, you can refer here:


Above link assumes you catch your breeder. Note that fixing nature later is at worst as bad as keeping nature fixed from start so it's always better to fix the nature later.


As for 3 31 with 1 25 ferro you can either consider it as 4 31 and refer to above table for costs, or see a budget breeder's shop to see their prices. Here are two shops I see on front page, I have a lot of friends who bought from @WildHodor :





As for buying 6 31 from a seller, it entirely depends on how much they charge for the particular poke. Some breeders don't do 6 31 service but I found @Diamsword 's shop here:


Says he does 6 31 natured for 2m.



Note that I'm not affiliated with any of those 3 players above. I linked their shops cuz I saw them on first page and it was relevant for this thread



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