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"Oh, so you didn't know about Monique. Perhaps hoped you'd benefit further from the old bugger's largess. No chance, he's got form you know, tried the same trick a few years back, which is why my mother divorced him.

"You're mired in some dubious transactions Debbie, don't pretend at innocence, an experienced PA should have had some inkling of what he was doing."

"I did what he asked out of loyalty," she protests, "I trusted him."

"More fool you."

"If you're so convinced I was involved in something criminal go to the police," Debbie retorts desperately.
"Who are notoriously incompetent; besides publicity would only serve to damage the firm's reputation. If you don't want to lose your overpaid employment this matter must be dealt with here and now."

Allowing the implications of this statement to sink in Adam rises from his desk, strides across the room and stands behind her chair. Debbie remains seated, rigid with apprehension, trying unsuccessfully to prevent her short silver grey skirt riding up to show her dark stocking tops.

"You certainly do dress to please," murmurs Adam appreciatively, "Tell me which of my father's other predilections did you indulge?"

"He liked to spank me occasionally," admits Debbie. Bet you want to as well, she thinks. You know with a bloke this good looking and rich; let's not forget rich, I wouldn't mind...

His hands grasp her shoulders interrupting Debbie's impromptu daydream. Assuredly dominant Adam takes his time, allowing her discomfort to grow as he enjoys the view of her breasts. Whatever his dad's misdeeds he certainly had good taste in women. Not bothering with silly slips of girls, opting instead for mature charms: a preference shared by his son.

Adam's done some checking on Debbie's background. Turns out she used to be a glamour model, back in the days of top shelf 'glamour' magazines. Nothing hardcore, just teasing lingerie poses and light-hearted spanking. Truth be told, they invariably turned her on, Debbie never had to fake enjoyment making her a popular choice of model with photographers.

"Stand up", says Adam sharply.

She complies instantly, rocking slightly on her heels and looking slightly puzzled when he takes her place on the chair.

"You've caused a considerable amount of trouble, had you come to me earlier things need never have gone so far."

Debbie eyes him warily and keeps silent, there's a palpable tension in the room.

"Let's review your options," continues Adam smoothly. "I could sack you, try getting a similar post, particularly with no reference." Debbie looks horrified at the prospect.

"Or could resolve the matter personally and, depending how you behave, review your position."

"Please," implores Debbie.

"You don't know what I have in mind yet," Adam cautions.

"Anything's preferable to dismissal", there's no doubting her earnestness.

"We'll see how you feel about that statement when I've finished," continues Adam. He grabs her wrists, turning Debbie to face him. "I intend to punish you, do me good to dissipate some of my anger."


"Spank you -- not some silly frolic like my father indulged - a properly smacked bottom, and on the bare."

No more than I expected, reflects Debbie, a prospect thrilling and terrifying at the same time. Fortunately her derriere has always been Debbie's best feature, better even than those lovely legs. If Adam agrees with this assessment perhaps there's a chance of subsequently salvaging something from this mess. Nevertheless propriety requires she at least display some token resistance.
"No you can't, I don't want..."

"Oh but I must insist, consider the alternatives..."

This proves sufficient a threat to ensure Debbie's acquiescence. Since it's impossible for Adam to raise the tight skirt over her curvy hips his hands slide around her trim waist, locate the zip, and slowly lower the tailored garment. What a breath-taking view! Debbie's choice of underwear is provocative but not without class; no gaudy tat, this is high-end lingerie -- at least the company got what it paid for...

She goes over his lap with a practised ease suggesting familiarity with this predicament. Adam suspects the spankings the old man delivered were more than just occasional. Despite this apparent obedience Debbie is not yet reconciled to her predicament and struggles against his firm hold. Adam pins her hands into small of her back, in no hurry to proceed,

"Nice nylons," he observes approvingly.

"Sir Edward's regular end of week treat," she explains.

"How far did those treats extend?"

"You mean did I fuck him? No way -- the rule was look but don't touch."

"Really? That's almost cruel. I suppose you kept them on after work on to delight your partner at home."

"You mean am I'm in relationship? No, unless you count the occasional Tindr hook up it's been two years. No doubt you'll want to know if I'm straight next?"


"Let's just say persuadable either way. Is this interrogation over?

"For the moment, high time discipline commenced."

The application of palm to posterior proves far worse than she expected, Debbie has never before been spanked so comprehensively; her behind burns and stings from the very start as Adam's merciless hand burnishes every inch of her blazing buttocks.

"Keep your legs down," he growls as kicking heels come perilously close to his head. When this instruction is ignored he clamps Debbie's legs with his and smacks her thighs crimson eliciting wails of distress.

Adam pauses only to pulls down her panties, Debbie compliantly submitting as the skimpy knickers are lowered to her ankles then, along with the offending shoes, removed completely rendering her effectively naked from the waist down.

"Now you're really for it," he states determinedly," and doesn't cease raining down smacks until every part of her peachy bottom glows fiery red and Debbie is slumped defeated and snivelling across his knees.

Adam hauls the chastened woman upright, permitting her to furiously rub her scalding hot cheeks. Totally turned on they eye each other with undisguised libidinous intent, excited and aroused by a scenario that's attained an urgent sexual momentum. Adam loosens his trousers, releasing a straining erection of impressive dimensions and roughly turns Debbie to face away from him, trembling in anticipation as he inspects the livid marks on her buttocks.

Drags her backwards to sit on his lap, aligning his throbbing uguu with her gaping uguu then easily slides the full length deep inside; Debbie closing her eyes ecstatically as she feels his girth fill her aching void.

Adam continues shafting her from behind, muscled abdomen pressed against heat-radiating arse cheeks as - impaled to the hilt - Debbie partially closes her thighs to squeeze his uguu tightly in her super-sensitised uguu.

Their abandoned coupling is punctuated by lascivious gasps and moans. Debbie leans forward to grasp the edge of the desk for support, rotates her hips and salaciously slides back and forth along the full length of his rigid member. Reaches between her legs to rub her uguu as she senses Adam's climax inexorably approach a crescendo. Feels him spasm and unable to hold back any longer allows her own orgasm to explode.

They pause, panting and speechless until their breathing returns to near normality and Debbie shakily stands. He hands her a large linen handkerchief to clean up the mingled juices seeping down to her stocking tops. Debbie straightens her clothes and repairs her lipstick, there's no way she's going to try wearing knickers to cover sore buttocks that seem to have swollen to double their size.

"What now?" Her voice is scarcely more than a whisper.

Adam shrugs. "You're still the MD's PA."

"I am?"

"Oh yes, we seem to share a lot in common. Take the rest of today off but be here first thing Monday morning. I don't need the full seductive secretary outfit, save it for special occasions. Your first task is to book us both on a flight to the States, I want to pay a surprise visit to the New York office."

All in all not a bad outcome so far, thinks Debbie as, inevitably turning heads, she walks stiffly from the building. Adam is physically impressive, extremely vigorous and not too bright, in her experience good qualities in a man.

Debbie has high hopes she'll be able to continue distracting him from looking overly closely at the financial antics of his father. Time to give Sir Edward a call; thank goodness they had a back-up plan...

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