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My list of best dubs

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Greetings to all!! Today I come to contribute with this tier list of doubles format, this is a list of the best of the best in this format based on my opinion, I must update even due to the latest changes in the competitive, but for now I bring this with you , enjoy it!!!



Rol: Support Follow Me/Shell Smash Sweeper

Set Move Supp: Fake out, Follow me, Icy wind, Muddy water/Protect/Scald Item: Sitrus Berry/Leftlovers

Set Move Sweeper: Shell smash, Protect, Muddy water/Surf/Hydro pump, Ice beam/Hidden power grass/Aura sphere Item: White Herb

Blastoise  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Sweeper
Set Move: Nasty plot, Shadow ball, Sludge wave, Protect Item: Focus Sash/Life orb
Set Move 2: Focus blast, Shadow ball, Sludge wave, Protect Item: Life orb
Set Move 3: Nasty plot, Icy Wind, Shadow Ball, Protect Item: Focus Sash/Life orb

Gengar  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Intimidate Support/Dragon Dance Sweeper
Set Move Supp: Waterfall, Thunder Wave/Toxic, Protect, Taunt Item: Sitrus Berry/Leftlovers

Set Move Sweeper: Waterfall, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Protect/Substitute Item: Life orb/Leftlovers/Sitrus Berry

Gyarados  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Sweeper
Set Move: Sword Dance, Bullet Punch, Bug Bite, Protect Item: Steel Gem/Leftlovers/Sitrus Berry/Bug Gem

Scizor  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Rain Sweeper/Snipper
Set Move Snipper: Focus Energy, Muddy Water, Draco Meteor, Protect Item: Scope Lens (Necessary for this set, not change)

Set Move Rain: Muddy Water, Draco Meteor, Protect, Hurricane/Hydro Pump Item: Life orb

Kingdra  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Bulky Attacker Trick Room/Wall Trick Room
Set Move Bulky: Triattack, Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Discharge, Recover, Trick Room Item: Eviolite
Set Move Wall: Discharge, Ice Beam/Toxic, Recover, Trick Room Item: Eviolite

Porygon2  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Intimidate Support/Bulky Attacker
Set Move Supp/Bulky: Fake out, Wideguard, Ally Switch/Feint, Close Combat Item: Sitrus Berry Supp/Fighting Gem Bulky

Hitmontop  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Bulky Attacker Sandstorm Summoner/Mixed Sweep/Dragon Dance Sweeper
Set Move: Rock Slide, Crunch, Protect, Super Power/Stealth Rocks/Pursuit Item: Sitrus Berry/Leftlovers/Chople Berry/Life orb
Set Move Mixed: Fire Blast, Crunch, Rock Slide, Protect Item: Sitrus Berry/Leftlovers/Chople Berry/Life orb
Set Move Dragon Dance: Dragon Dance, Crunch/Fire Punch/Super Power, Rock Slide/Stone Edge, Protect Item: Life orb, Leftlovers, Sitrus Berry

Tyranitar  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Support Wideguard Rain Summoner/Rain Sweeper
Set Move Supp: Wideguard, Tailwind/Protect/Roost, Scald, Hurricane Item: Damp Rock/Sitrus Berry
Set Move Sweep: Huricane, Surf/Hydropump, Protect/Ice Beam, Hidden Power Grass/Electric/Ice Beam Item: Choice Specs/Scarf, Water Gem, Flying Gem

Pelipper  sprite from Black & White



Rol: Bulky Attacker/Support Sun Summoner
Set Move Bulky: Eruption, Heat Wave/Fire Blast/Flamethrower, Solar Beam/Earthpower, Protect Item: Fire Gem/Leftlovers
Set Move Supp: Stealth Rocks, Yawn, Lava Plume, Protect/Solar Beam Item: Sitrus Berry/Heat Rock

Torkoal  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Support Speed Controller
Set Move: Scald/Muddy Water, Icy Wind, Toxic/Haze, Recover Item: Sitrus Berry/Leftlovers

Milotic  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Intimidate Sweeper/Dragon Dance Sweeper

Set Move: Draco Meteor, Heat Wave/Fire Blast/Flamethrower, Protect, Hurricane/Hydro Pump/Dragon Pulse Item: Dragon Gem/Life orb

Set Move Dragon Dance: Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Protect/Substitute Item: Life orb/Leftlovers/Dragon Gem

Salamence  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Bulky Attacker/Krillin
Set Move: Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch, Meteor Smash/Earthquake, Protect Item: Sitrus Berry/Steel Gem/Life orb/Leftlovers
Krillin: Explosion, Zen Headbutt, Meteor Smash/Bullet Punch, Protect Item: Normal Gem

Set Move Supp: Stealth Rocks, Ally Switch, Icy Wind/Bulldoze, Bullet Punch/Zen Headbutt/Meteor Smash Item: Sitrus Berry/Leftlovers
Set Move Hone Claws: Hone Claws, Substitute/Protect, Zen Headbutt, Meteor Smash/Bullet Punch Item: Leftlovers

Metagross  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Support Speed Controller/Bulky Rain
Set Move Supp: Muddy Water/Scald, Icy Wind, Toxic, Recover Item: Leftlovers/Sitrus Berry
Set Move Bulky: Muddy Water, Ice Beam, Earthpower, Recover Item: Earth gem/Water Gem/Ice Gem

Gastrodon  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Sweeper Booster
Set Move Die: Sword Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Protect/Substitute Item: Leftlovers/Earth Gem/Yache Berry
Set Move Actually: Idk help me pls

Garchomp  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Support Follow Me/Sweeper
Set Move Supp: Follow Me/Ally Switch, Roost/Protect, Airslash, Tailwind Item: SItrus Berry/Leftlovers
Set Move Sweeper: Tailwind/Protect, Overheat, Airlslash, Nasty Plot Item: Life orb/Sitrus Berry/Leftlovers

Togekiss  sprite from Black & White

Roton Wash

Rol: Support Ally Switch/Sweeeper
Set Move Supp: Ally Switch, W-o-W/Toxic, Voltswitch, Hydro Pump Item: Sitrus Berry/Leftlovers

Set Move Sweeper: Nasty Plot, Hydro Pump, Thundebolt/Discharge, Protect Item: Sitrus Berry/Water Gem/Electric gem

Rotom  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Sand Sweeper
Set Move Sword Dance: Earthquake/Drill Run, Sword Dance, Iron Head/Rock Slide, Protect Item: Focus Sash/Life orb/Earth Gem

Set Move 3 Atks: Earthquake/Drill Run, Iron Head, Rock Slide, Protect Item: Focus Sash/Life orb/Earth Gem

Excadrill  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Bulky Attacker Trick Room
Set Move: Drain Punch/Close Combat, Rock Slide, Mach Punch, Protect Item: Flame orb

Conkeldurr  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Bulky Attacker Trick Room Summoner/Defensive Booster
Set Move Bulky: Trick Room, Psychic/Psyshock, Focus Blast, Energyball/Thunder/Protect/Recover Item: Leftlovers/Life orb
Set Move Defensive: Acid Armor, Calm Mind, Recover, Stored Power Item: Leftlovers/Rocky Helmet

Reuniclus  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Support Rage Powder
Set Move: Rage Powder, Spore, Gigadrain/Clear Smog/Energyball, Protect/Synthesis/Gigadrain/Clear Smog/Energyball Item: Sitrus Berry/Black Sludge

Amoonguss  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Sweeper Dragon Dance/Nasty Plot

Set Move: Nasty Plot, Heat Wave, Dragon Pulse, Protect Item: Life orb/Leftlovers/Dragon Gem
Set Move Dragon Dance gbwead: Dragon Dance, Crunch, Substitute, Idk :( Item: Leftlovers

Hydreigon  sprite from Black & White


Rol: Sweeper Booster/Bulky Attacker Booster/Rage Powder Support
Set Move Sweeper/Bulky: Quiver Dance, Heat Wave/Fiery Dance/Fire Blast, Bug Buzz/Hidden Power Electric, Protect Item: Fire Gem/Life orb
Set Move Supp: Rage Powder, Heat Wave/Fiery Dance/Fire Blast, String Shot, Bug Buzz/Roost Item: Sitrus Berry/Leftlovers

Volcarona  sprite from Black & White

Tomorrow more pokemons jeje

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If there ever was tierlists from Doubles, it would be based from usage and not anyone's opinion, especially because Doubles usage is being recorded. This seems more like a viability rankings post and you absolutely have your right to voice out what you think are the best Doubles Pokemon, but as tiers aren't made from opinions the premise of this thread is rather incorrect.

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