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[GUI] Theme Simple purple

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Hello!!! this theme is simple it is the first one i do :) (it is the first '' theme '' i do, improve it soon but for now it will be simple)

All cursors are also personalized

Do not know how to put the theme in your game?

It is easy !!! go to the pokemmo folder> data> themes> put the Simple purple folder AND restart your game !!! to see the changes made !!!


link mega  https://mega.nz/file/Ups23QZR#ulBcJ2E33tFHPDu6fLDwtTev0jkQEon7AT0qrCD0LkY












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17 hours ago, Kupokun said:

Espero ver más de estos, la mejor de las suertes. 

Hello!!! I will try to do more, improve them and increase the quality of what I can offer, I want to improve the themes, thanks !!!

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