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Player level indicator


Hi, first post here


Just want to start with a big thank to the team, the game is awesome I've been playing for hours since I discovered it.


I wanted to suggest a level system for players, based on the trainer card of the original game. The basic idea is you start at level 0, each time you finish the storyline of a region you pass next level (so up to level 4) and then one last level when you complete the national pokedex. I don't know the entire game so maybe some more levels could be added, linked to PvP accomplishments or else. The level you are at would be displayed just next to your name on the map, either with the actual number or with a logo (medal, star, etc...).


The benefit is double : first, you get a nice award for accomplishing stuff in the game and can show it off. Second, and most important, it helps identify potential opponents for random duels !

As a new player the problem is I don't know who to challenge when I'm playing for the first time, since there's players of all levels, and probably a majority of high level players since the game has been up for a while. I often ended up challenging a guy who burnt to a crisp my poor level 20 pokemons with his full IV/EV competitive team. Not whining about losing here, it's just I think it would help make the game feel more like a MMO if the random dueling of people you pass by was less of a russian roulette.


Nevertheless the game is still great, it's just a little idea I had to improve interaction between low level players.


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