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Access to events informations directly from the game


Hi, I have been playing the game for about 100 hours and I just wanted to leave some suggestions on how you could inform players of events occurring in PokèMMO.


Events are  "invisible" for players who do not visit the forum and the administration of it by using Global chat is kinda messy as staff communications are drowned by user messages.

My suggestion to fix those problems are these:


- Include an option (maybe under the Community section in the bottom right bar) called "Events" that when clicked, just show a scrollable text with all the events ordered by date (maybe highlight the title of the events occurring in the day with a different color) with a brief summary containing the most important informations.  This message could pop-up as an alert the first time the player logs during that day.


Example of a formatted text to display: 


[10/06/2020 8PM UTC] Ditto catch!  {Shiny Ditto Sprite}

Catch the best Ditto to win a shiny ditto with nature and 3x31 ivs of your choice etc...

Location: Hoenn, Desert Underpass, Route 114.

Criteria : Highest total IVs Ditto wins, +5 bonus points if Jolly, +3 bonus points if Adamant

4rd Place : Worst total IVs Ditto gets 4 place

Prizes(1-4rd): Shiny Ditto+1000 RP / 500 RP / 250 RP / 250 RP

Mods participating: V, W, X, Y and Z


- Include another chat, called Events chat. In this chat only moderators and admins can write messages. For example they could write informations like: the staff to contact for submitting the entries, info about in how many minutes the event is starting, how much time is left and maybe answers to most common questions that they are being asked during the event.

This should help players (especially new people) who are participating in the event as they can just leave this chat open and have organized text about the event, without the worry of missing important info because users are "flooding" the chat. The chat could also be used by Admins/Moderators to display the nickname of the winners along with the link of the Pokémon.


A problem that may occur with this kind of solution is that there may be some day where more than 1 event could take place in the same time (maybe a Tournament and a catching event). If I checked things right, two events of the same kind can't overlap, so the simplest solution would be to add a "Tournament chat" as well with a similar idea to the Events chat.


Another very important problem is the language. My main suggestion would be to just include English and Chinese as they are the most common languages spoken on the server and include other languages in the future (I don't know how many translators are helping PokéMMO). Ideally, the Events section should be translated according to the language of the user's client. As for the Events and Tournament chats, you could just communicate using English and Chinese (the messages in various languages are displayed according to your chat settings as always).


Sorry for the long post and my non-native English, I hope the main concepts are clear and even if this can not be implemented, I just wanted to highlight the general issue. Thanks for you attention and keep up the great work.

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A "featured" SIngle line tab above the chat would be nice for PC. In Android it could come in notifications format. Just make the game notificate you if you choose to receive those. Ofc this could be enabled both with game opened only to get rid of background applications.


An example could be:


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Why use something that takes up a lot of real estate? The upper left corner on desktop could have an icon that shows up when an official event is scheduled for that day that can be clicked to direct to forums for info. Nice and compact but still gets the job done.

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That could be hidden, the same works for key shortcuts. Imo they are visual pollution and could be able to hide. Just an example.


Yeah corner notifications would be nice either

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