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How to efficiently go through Unova as a beginner?

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First of all, welcome to the game! :-) I am sure you will enjoy it. 

It's a good idea that you are planning your team already as PokeMMO is a bit more challenging to complete compared to the original games. I think getting a Sandile (-> Krookodile) and Petilil (-> Lilligant) would be great for your team - including Joltik (-> Galvantula) for electric mon. For a fire mon, you can consider Darumaka/Darmanitan.

If you are stuck at some point in the story, I suggest you look into this walkthrough guide:

Best of luck! o/

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Also if you will be lucky enough to encounter a Drillbur or Excadrill via phenomena, these will be of a huge help to you.

Unova unfortunately is the longest, toughest and most tedious storyline (due to bianca's bullshit mostly).


An Archeops (free storyline mon) will also be your great friend as it learns a plethora of useful moves through leveling up, it's fast and has a monstrous 140 base attack paired with STAB Acrobatics and Rock Slide, it's pre-evo is also a decently strong pokemon on it's own.

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Fantastic advice already given! I'd just like to add my two cents...


1) This article on Smogon is FANTASTIC for making storyline decisions for teambuilding:



2) After getting 4 gym badges (iirc) you'll be able to use the Global Trade Link, which is an amazing resource for defeating the harder gyms later on in the game, where you'll be able to use your hard-earned cash to buy pokemon to support your team!

(don't abuse this service though, as it can make the game easier than it should be!!)

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