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When is johto region coming to PokeMMO?

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I'm really excited to play in Johto region, And I'd appreciate if you guys could add it to the next update. And maybe you guys could update Kanto's map for the HG/SS version but using the same assets and same gameplay of Fire Red(And with gameplay I mean story and post story). I'm bringing many friends to the game but they are always complaining to me about why there is no Johto and why we can't have team battles against the npc's. But I feel like Johto region is a lot more urgent than the link team battle.

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In one of posts, one of admins has replied to similar question, there:



While we all love Johto, it seems like the focus for a while will be to polish and introduce things that are currently missing in-game. While Johto adds a new region, doing so will introduce new things for the game for sure.


In short, we will for sure have some kind of announcement, when the time for another region will come, but there is no answer to "when" ^^. 


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