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PokeMMO Mounts



Hello, I have yet another suggestion that i think would be pretty cool.


PokeMMO mounts, the ability to obtain certain pokemon that would work as a replacement for the bike.

we could be flexing with our shiny mount pokemon and also make use of them at the same time!

make it a feature that you unlock after beating elite 4 to not cause issues with the story and stuff.

or make it a gift shop option.


we could have pimp my ride mount meetings with our shiny weedles and race across the regions.

we could crash our rhyhorns into each other and drift like mad people.

force feed your ride speed ev vitamins to reach top speeds and spray paint your pokemon with flames.

make police officer jenny chase you with her rapidash with blue lights and sirens attached while your pikachu uses extremespeed to get you away!


it will be awesome!


In all seriousness though. it would be really cool to be able to get a few mounts in the game.

but i understand that it'd require a lot of work, hence why a limited selection of 5-10 would be enough.


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I like the idea of it being a gift shop option.  The developers work hard and this isn't a feature everyone would use.
I enjoy having my pokemon follow me personally, as the heartgold visuals add, but that's not a bad idea at all.  Using the skins from there as a skin for a bike is pretty brilliant.  It will still take some work, but it's another means to keep this game running.  And in the long run that means we all win.

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