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What does untiered mean? Can you use them in NU?

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I am extremely new to pvp, and am just wondering if you can use untiered pokemon in any sort of pvp? Is there a resource that has answers to these faq, like a wiki?

Also, to queue up in a tier, do all your pokemon have to be in that tier? or can you queue up in UU with some NU pokemon?

I couldnt find these answers anywhere, perhaps because it's common sense lol, any answers are appreciated.

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- Untiered was created to make NU look more "clean" in the Dex, you can still use Untiered mons in any tier above it (OU,UU,NU)

- To queue up, your pokemon have to be in that tier or below it (so yes, you can use NU mons in UU)

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