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[Implemented] Drag Drop trade Chat

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Just one of many suggestions I shall be making.

This one in particular should save players using trade chat a lot of time, and hopefully isn't too hard to code.

I've made pictures to try and explain it better;


Ok, so for this example, I'm going to be trading my Gengar.


Here you can see I'm dragging it into the trade chat.


You can see an icon and the Pokemon's Pokedex number Appears in the chat box.

(The Icon could alternatively be replaced with the Pokemon's name)


As you can by the picture, when the icon and text (They're both part of the same thing) are right clicked, it brings up the Pokemon's Summary box.

This will also work for players around the server after the message is sent.

(Again, the icon could be replaced with the Pokemon's name)


Here is an example of how it would be used, and of course, people can right click to check the stats and nature of the Pokemon.


This should save many people time typing out the stats, natures and EV's, and IV's of a Pokemon.

They could of course still put important information, like 31 IV's in X stat next to it, to attract attention.

Hopefully my short example with pictures makes sense.

Let me know what you think of the idea, and if you have any questions about it.

Again - the Pokemon icon could be replaced with it's name in the Trade chat bar.


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I like this suggestion. Finally something new.

Glad you do ~

So kind of like EVE? I support this!

I've never played EVE, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say yes?

the screenshot's look great could be a cool addition.

Haha thankyou. Let's see what the Dev's say.


=P Thanks.

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Looks fantastic. Very nice. I could see a way to trick someone and steal, but as long as you can see the card while it is inside the trade as well I like it.

You can, you're supposed too ~ :)

I think it's enough by just showing a clickeable highlighted name of the pokemon. That way we keep the chat clean.

Good suggestion

Edit: From the pokemon summary an "Add to chat" button could be added.

Yeah I mentioned the icon could be replaced with a name.

Add to chat could also be used, though I was thinking maybe along with dragging, there could be hotkeys for each spot in your party.

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This looks excellent, great job Darkshade.


Again, I think this is one of the "enabadable" modificatons.(For big MMOs) Just like WoW,,, We should take a lot from WOW they know how to MMO.

However the normal SHIFT+CLICK and it posting a quick link for pokemon and items would be a lot better.

Shift click works too. Dragging just made the most sense to me.

Both would also work.

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Yeah i think most MMOs have something like this. I know WoW has it. IIRC you had to shift-click an item or something. The chat would give [sword of Swag] between the brackets and colored differently from the rest of the text that also popped up the infobox.

That's right, and I think it's be very helpful in PokeMMO~

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I won't lock this because you put a lot of detail into the OP, but this was already suggested by Spectre some time ago.

If it gets implemented, I really look forward to drooling over everyone's shinies in trade chat all day.

Thankyou, and my apologies, I must have missed that~

I guess the plus being that if two people have the same idea without knowing, then it definitely must be worth looking into :)

Look's brilliant. This would be great for user's who only want to trade and only have the trade chat active.

Yeah I think it would save time on the users and the people wanting to trade, they can check what they are getting before they see it.

This is probably thee best idea suggested so far and it looks like it will make trading a lot more enjoyable!

Absolutely, if this is possible to implement, it should be added!


Thankyou c:

Let's hope so, and I'm sure as far as possibilities go I don't think it can be ruled out.

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Its been a planned feature. I already have an idea on implementation of it. No idea when this will get added tho.

besides this, pls also tabbed chat. Rather than everything in one window with mute options, put all the channels in tabs pls. Make them blink or a diff. color when your name is mentioned.

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