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Visible Daycare Pokemons



You know we cannot see which pokemons are in daycare and in which daycare and which movesets changed and how many levels they got. We must go there region to region and check.


It would be nice to be able to see if we have any pokemon in any daycares, their levels and other infos, like how much we are in debt or which moves changed. 



And it would be nice to have a timer in game we can manage. For berries or gym cooldowns or other things. just saying.


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I'm not really for or against the timer as I don't want to spend all my time grinding for money.
But the daycare is a great suggestion.  I've accidentally forgotten pokemon there and unknowingly had them reach a level that was useless to me in the region.
I've also had pokemon go up to 30000 at the daycare.  That's not that big after you've completed a region, but early on that can be disastrous.

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