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Ribboning your favorite mons [Service]

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Posted (edited)

Hey my name is Ralts and ribboning is my game

Do you want to make your 6x31iv full particles and beefy sexy boi complete? Here's your answer:


This something I enjoy doing and want to make a service of it.


Ralts (in game)

Ralts#2754 (discord and fastest method)



6m for full contest and battle frontier (this can include pokeyen or comps and vanities via gtl price)

1.2m per column or battle frontier ribbons


payment doesn’t have to come till the end. But you won’t receive your ribboned Pokémon till you can pay.



Services I have completed

Myself- *Sceptile *Chansey

Drayden- *Blazekin, *Metagross, *Porygon, *Tyrouge (working), *Tauros (working)

SirReezy- *Umbreon, *Salamence, *Blastoise, *Charizard

xPauu- *Spheal

Bestfriends- Lapras

JinxedSuicide- Mismagius





My services will take around 5 days maybe 2-3 days or possibly sooner if I don't have much going on irl and I can keep updates with you on how your Pokemon is going.


I will take the challenge of doing this with any Pokémon you put in front of me with the exception of magikarp. I will not ribbon your magikarp I believe it is impossible lol


disclaimer: my services do not include the ribbons bought in sinnoh, I can do these for the payment required of them or show you where to buy them.

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7 hours ago, FinnTheMember said:

You are the second person I met in my 5 years in this game who can do dis. Impressive.

Thanks one day I sat down and was like hey I’m going to learn this and sure enough here I am :)

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Just finished a lapras for bestfriends. Open for new clients. Seem to be free this week somewhat so I’ll have your Pokémon nice and ribboned up QUICK!

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9 hours ago, SirReezy said:

You forgot you did my Shiny Charizard also Ralts. A+ Service quick and fast like most guys on the game kek

Oh yeah that’s right let me add it! Thanks bro, can’t wait to do another for you!

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Posted (edited)

I see that it says 1.2m per column or battle frontier ribbons.  would the 6m cover the battle frontier ribbons as well?


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different question.

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24 minutes ago, jinxedcyanide said:

I see that it says 1.2m per column or battle frontier ribbons.  would the 6m cover the battle frontier ribbons as well?


Yes 6m is for all contest and battle frontier ribbons!

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I am starting training June 1st so my service will be very limited and slow for about a month but. I plan to hit things hard when I get more free time! Message me if you’re event slightly interested in ribbons and I’ll let you know where I’m at. :)

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