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Help My Rain Team//First Time Building a Team

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*Super Long Writings Warning!


Hello! What you will see next is a newbie's first trial on building a PVP team. This is my first time doing it, so there will be a lot of dumb mistakes and weird groups. I'm still not familiar with Pokemon PVP terms and English is not my mother tongue, so you might see some "make up words". Now the next up is my blabbering about myself and what's Pokemon PVP to me. You can skip next part if you are in a hurry :PPP.


Due to the fact of me being AFK from the game not long ago, I'm have a little understanding on the current popular used Pokemons and the environment. And now, I'm finally ready to step right into the PVP! I have never played PVP before, the only trial I have done is being dunked by a player super hard in OU tier matchmaking with my "weird mashed up team" around some month ago *Sad Noise*.


As a Pokemmo player, I was suddenly feeling very ashamed that I have never even tried PVP before, I sucks so much oof. And this is where I came up the idea of stepping into PVP seriously with a good team and improving my skills.


After collecting many guides and articles about PVP, I found out the weather team kinda fits me the newbie and it's very popular, so I've chosen the rain team and most importantly with many good-looking Pokemon. The rain team has a tense rhythm and the fault tolerance rate is not very easy to do, but I think it's a good start on gaining experience.


Now, I will proudly introduce you my first rain team! I did reference some of the Pokemon groups, EVs, move arrangements from the other PVP players.

I really really hope you can give some tips and suggestions on my team. Such as the disadvantages on movepools, coverage, core, and blah blah (I did searched up for all of these nouns).

Thank you very much for reading all my blabbering!



1. Pelipper, The only "weather guy"


EVs: HP 252 / Def 252 / Sp.Def 6


Damp Rock

Scald / U-turn / Hurricane / Roost 


My own thoughts:

I'm trying to make it a shield as it's the only drizzle ability pokemon in my team (or the rain dance move), Hurricane can do against the grass type while the scald is a hax for burn. U-turn can switch while making a little bit of damage. I didn't take defog with me as it's weak to stealth rock, but I'm not sure who can do this job for Pelipper.

Notes: Low on Sp.Def, *2 rock, *4 electric


2. Kingdra, MVP special sweeper


EVs: HP 6 / Sp.Atk 252 / Spe 252

Swift Swim

Choice Spec.

Dragon Pulse / Hydro Pump / Draco Meteor / Ice Beam


My own thoughts:

I'm doing a really harsh sweeper here. Comparing to Scald, Hydro Pump is a much better option as there's no need to wager for the add-on burn effect that Scald gives. I changed the item from Leftover to Choice Spec. too to make heavy damage.

Note: *2 Dragon


3. Jolteon, Special core sweeper


EVs: HP 6 / Sp.Atk 252 / Spe 252

Volt Absorb

Choice Spec.? Or Magnet?

Thunder / Volt Switch / Shadow Ball / Wish


My own thoughts:

Choice Spec. produces a lot of damage but not flexible enough, the magnet doesn't give a lot of damage but are flexible. Maybe you can even do a bluff on pretending carrying Choice Spec. but actually you're not??? 

Note: Squishy, *2 ground


4. Scizor, The wall breaker


EVs: HP 108 / Atk 252 / Spe 150



Sword Dance / Bullet Punch / Superpower / U-turn


My own thoughts:

The EVs for speed is over 150 to make sure it's faster then milotic. Sword Dance makes sure it's a successful wall breaker, Bullet Punch is for sure on there, and I changed Bug Bite to U-turn because it gives a better flexibility. Also I really want to add the move Roost inside too, but not sure of where to put, so I put Leftovers instead.

Note: Slow on speed, *4 fire


5. Ferrothorn, The only wall???


EVs: HP 252 / Def 44 / Sp.Def 212

Iron Brabs

Shed Shell

Gyro Ball / Stealth Rock / Protect / Leech Seed


My own thoughts:

The only wall inside the team for now, also the only Spikes/Stealth Rock Pokemon. People always say that a rain team Ferrothorn is usually special defense wall. Gyro Ball is definitely a must-bring move for it, and I changed Bulldoze to Leech Seed because the chances are you're not gonna meet a Magnezone that commonly and it doesn't worth it to waste a move on this. But I brought Shed Shell just in case, we meet our good old friend Magnezone :P

Note: Be careful for Magnezone, *2 Fighting, *4 Fire




   I'm still not so sure for the sixth pokemon in my team because I don't know what I'm missing for this team set yet. I do have some Pokemons in my mind, just not so sure what to bring. After finishing this team, I will be actively playing on OU PVP matches (not the rated one). So If you meet this team in the future, Please teach me a lesson and crush my team! 

(If you're a stall team I am most likely gonna forfeit)


Offer me tips! I'm really really excited about this whole PVP concept that I'm gonna chase after. Everything about PVP is kinda new to me, and I have no practical experience on PVP yet.


Once again, thank you for reading this long damn thing! 

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Posted (edited)

I would fit defog on pelipper, so you dont have to worry about a spinner. To be fair, I think when playing such a fast paced team, you might want to rely on pressure alone to keep hazards off the field. Maybe it works just fine without hazard removal. Depending on your playstyle, you might like spikes over protect on ferro. It greatly decreases ferros longevity, but as this team is extremely fast and aggressive, you will enjoy the hazard damage on i.e. blissey. 


I would probably also switch scizor to Choice Band with pursuit, to trap special walls such as blissey. It also makes it a lot easier to double switch: kingdra on your side will oftentimes demand your opponent to switch to a special wall, a double switch to scizor can help you remain in control through u-turn, or trap the wall with pursuit. Anyway, SD + U-turn doesnt really make sense to me, and if you want to stick to SD I would pick roost > uturn. Another interesting variant would be scarf scizor, it would definitely hit your oppenent by surprise. It can trap gengar and chandelure, but I guess those arent really an issue anyway.


For your last pokemon I would suggest another physical attacker. Dnite, chomp, azumarill (CB), conkeldurr, kabutops, mamoswine, breloom, toxicroak would all make for good team mates. I think you can pretty much choose whatever you want. 


I would not fit tentacruel on the team, way to slow. Maybe something like specs tentacruel could be fun and a surprise set (with rapid spin as a filler move), but the likes of blissey and gastrodon would make you instantly look for the forfeit botton.


PS: I played similar rain teams for a long time and think that banded azumarill performs really well, but everyone else thinks it is shit. I also always found jolteon underperforming and went with ground types to find an electric immunity. In case you pick Azumarill, here is another tip: Tentacruel might look like something that can wall Azu. It cannot. just press waterfall. In general, pressing waterfall with CB azumarill in the rain isnt too bad of an idea.

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