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World Cup 3 Week #1

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damn this man playing vs the tier

Yanmega about to see some usage in Dubs finally!

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1 hour ago, WorldCupMMO said:

Hello everyone. Today we got an issue in the doubles duel between HaseKirie vs KingBowser due that We decided to do a 3rd duel to decide the winner of this match.

The first victory was for Bowser 'cause hasekirie used wrong mons (gallade & smeargle) and the second duel Hasekirie won but he knew Bowser's team and took adventage of it using a team to counter him.

Due HaseKirie broke the rule "sportmanship aptitude" He will be punished with 1 suspension week.


About the bet done inside "betting thread" If both players wish to void it before the 3rd match. They can do it.


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2 minutes ago, Sintatic said:

SMOU huargensy vs Sintatic in 5 minutes.

please give us a link some players have already forgot to

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5 minutes ago, iJulian said:


who would've thought, if you bring a team without a ground, psychic, fighting, flying, water, grass, ice, dragon or steel resists you might lose.

Yeah. 6 sweeps tactic. Either fast win or fast defeat. Maybe you will understand it someday :)

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